Advanced Database Systems

(BSA: Database structures and algorithms / Basi di dati strutture e algoritmi - Advanced data models)

Advanced Database Systems - also known as Basi di Dati 2 - is a 9 credits course of the Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science. Students of the Laurea Magistrale in Business Informatics may choose to only follow the first 6 credits and have a grade in that part of the course, whose name is 'BSA: Database structures and algorithms'. The course is 6 hours a week for all students. The course lasts for three months, but students who only follow the first 6 credits will only need t o follow the first two months - 6 hours per week.

Office hours before 17th of July

Office hours of the 5th and the 12th are cancelled, but I will have extra office hours on Friday 14th from 3PM to 6PM. In this period I will do my best to answer your questions by email. Please feel free to contact me that way.

Notes for the exam

The day of the exam I will distribute a copy of this note to every student. Here you find a reminder of all OWL operators.

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