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AI for Space workshop

As part of our new initiative on AI for Space (with news to come about our ContinualIST startup), next Monday 15 April 2024 we are organizing a first workshop in presence at the Computer Science Department and streamed online.

Check on the workshop website for further details on agenda and participation:

COSMO accepted at ICLR 2024

COSMO allows graph structure learning in a constraint-free scalable way, bringing computational complexity down from cubitc to quadratic (in number of nodes). Thanks to the COSMOlogists team that made this possible: Riccardo Massidda, Francesco Landolfi and Martina Cinquini.

Martina Cinquini Francesco Landolfi Riccardo Massidda: Constraint-Free Structure Learning with Smooth Acyclic Orientations. The Twelfth International Conference on Learning Representations, 2024.

H2020 TEACHING Final Review

Friday marked a very important personal milestone. The first EU project I coordinated came to an end after a fantastic final review in Athens, thanks to the spectacular TEACHING_H2020 Consortium. These have been an intense 4 years together, which nevertheless let me with the feeling and desire to sail much further with this crew. Stay tuned, as many final results of TEACHING_H2020 are coming up soon!

H2020 TEACHING Demo @BRIGHT Night 2023

All set for the Bright Night at Università di Pisa with the TEACHING_H2020 demonstrators. If you are in Pisa and want to challenge your selves with pushing a car with your mind or experience our enhanced racing simulator which can mine your drivers’ reaction with hashtag#AI come visit us at Logge di Banchi, Pisa!
Made possible by the huge effort (and recklessness) of Alessandro Berti and Valerio De Caro

Talk at Deep Learning Workshop in Trento

Here is a video of my recent talk on “Shaping Neural Networks with Dynamical Systems” at the DEEP LEARNING: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications 2023 Workshop in Trento.

In this 25min video I discuss the fundamentals of using dynamical systems’ concepts to imbue non-dissipation properties in neural networks and how we leverage dynamical systems as NNs building blocks in our EMERGE Project.

Video URL:

New round of graduations

Quite intense weeks lately culminating in the graduation of several of my Ph.D. and M.Sc students. Quite interestingly this time they are all heading for positions in industry where I trust they will bring the appetite for science, technology and curiosity which I hope to have inspired in them.

Andrea Valenti completed his Ph.D. on learning representations for neural reasoners and he is now Machine Learning Engineer at Henesis

Alex Pasquali graduated in AI with honours and a thesis on hashtag#reinforcementlearning for virtual networks placement. He is now heading for an internship at Sauber: hope to spot him in the next F1 races!

Nicola Gugole graduated in AI with a thesis on identity preserving photo enhancement. Good luck for your adventure at Bending Spoons!

Sina Farhang Doust graduated in AI with a thesis bridging hashtag#nlp and hashtag#graph hashtag#neuralnetworks for legal text, and he is now bringing his skills to Aptus.AI.

Best of luck to all of you guys! Looking forward to collaborate again in the future.