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H2020 TEACHING Final Review

Friday marked a very important personal milestone. The first EU project I coordinated came to an end after a fantastic final review in Athens, thanks to the spectacular TEACHING_H2020 Consortium. These have been an intense 4 years together, which nevertheless let me with the feeling and desire to sail much further with this crew. Stay tuned, as many final results of TEACHING_H2020 are coming up soon!

H2020 TEACHING Demo @BRIGHT Night 2023

All set for the Bright Night at Università di Pisa with the TEACHING_H2020 demonstrators. If you are in Pisa and want to challenge your selves with pushing a car with your mind or experience our enhanced racing simulator which can mine your drivers’ reaction with hashtag#AI come visit us at Logge di Banchi, Pisa!
Made possible by the huge effort (and recklessness) of Alessandro Berti and Valerio De Caro