Grants and Awards

Honors & Awards

Research Grants

  • (2022-2026) EIC-PATHFINDER EMERGE: Emergent Awareness from Minimal Collectives (Principal Investigator – Project Coordinator, 3.7M Euro)
  • (2022) Deep learning for graphs in recommendation, industrial consultancy grant by Buonappetito srl (Principal Investigator, 12K Euro)
  • (2020-2023) EU-H2020-ICT TEACHING: A computing Toolkit for building Efficient Autonomous appliCations leveraging Humanistic INtelliGence (Principal Investigator – Project Coordinator, 3.99M Euro)
  • (2020-2023) EU-H2020 TAILOR: Foundations of Trustworthy AI – Integrating Reasoning, Learning and Optimization (Principal Investigator – Local unit coordinator, 100K Euro)
  • (2020-2022) University of Pisa, BIHO seed grant for H2020 project coordinators (Principal Investigator, 70K Euro)
  • (2020-2022) Intel-COVID19 pandemic response initiative (Principal Investigator, 250K USD)
  • (2019) Deep and Bayesian learning for perceived stress prediction, Industrial research project by Biobeats Ltd (Principal Investigator, 46K Euro)
  • (2015-2019) SIR (Scientific Independence of Young Researchers) grant for the 3-years project LISTIT – Learning non-Isomorph Structured Transductions for Image and Text fragments (Principal Inverstigator, 300K Euro)
  • (2016) Machine Learning analysis of biological signals, Industrial research project by Biobeats Ltd (Principal Investigator, 16K Euro)
  • (2015-2016) Machine Learning models for industrial process Big Data, Industrial research project by ST Microelectronics (Co-Principal Investigator, 38K Euro)

Student Grants

  • Grant by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) to support participation to IJCNN’07
  • Grant by the Bio-pattern Network of Excellence to support participation to CIMED’07
  • Grant by the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA, to support participation to the 2005 Graduate Summer School in Intelligent Extraction of Information from Graphs and High Dimensional Data