The first workshop on 
Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments 
on Clouds and P2P
LSDVE 2013

Distributed Virtual Environments (DVE) enable geographically distant users to communicate, interact and collaborate within a virtual environment.
Collaborative multimedia applications, networked computer games, distributed simulation environments, Collaborative-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) are examples of DVEs. In particular, online gaming entertainment has acquired lots of popularity in the last years from both industry and research communities.

The market size of online gaming has received a 5 billion $ evaluation in 2010, while the number of total users have reached around 20 million worldwide. With the emergence of readily available cloud platforms, game developers have the opportunity of deploying their networked games in the cloud, or supporting their network solutions with hybrid P2P/Client-Server architectured with dynamically adapting cloud support. This brings possibilities to smaller developers that were reserved for the big studios until recently. Whether the existing cloud architectures are suitable for such high-interactivity loads, is not yet properly documented, and this workshop will encourage reserach into these basic questions.

The LSDVE workshop aims to provide a venue for researchers to present and discuss important aspects of Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments. The workshop's aim is to investigate open challanges such as latency reduction/hiding techniques for guaranteeing real time constraints, efficient management of networked resources, large scale processing of user information, privacy and security issues, state consistency/persistence. The workshop will both present assessment of current state and introduce further directions.

Workshop program

August 27th,
Session WG5, Room: SuperC - 5.31/32,
Chair: Juan Durillo,

14:30 Keynote: Distributed Virtual Environments: From Client Server to Clouds and P2P
Laura Ricci

15:10 MeTRO: Low Latency Network Paths with Routers-on-Demand
Marc X. Makkes, Ana Oprescu, Rudolf Strijkers, Robert Meijer

15:30 Is today's public cloud suited to deploy hardcore realtime services?
Kjetil Raaen, Andreas Petlund, Pål Halvorsen 

Session WH5, Room: Super C - 5.31/32, Chair: Andreas Petlund

16:30 Games for research: A comparative study of open source game projects
Stig Magnus Halvorsen, Kjetil Raaen

17:00 Toward Community-driven Interest Management for Distributed Virtual Environment
Emanuele Carlini, Patrizio Dazzi, Matteo Mordacchini, Laura Ricci

17:30 Workflow Scheduling in Amazon EC2
Juan J. Durillo, Radu Prodan