I am currently teaching some courses of the Bachelor Degree Program in Computer Science (Laurea Triennale in Informatica) and of the Master Degree Program in Computer Science and Networking (Laurea Magistrale in Informatica e Networking).

Ongoing Courses A.A. 2023/2024

1. High Performance Computing (532AA, 9 CFU), Master Degree Program in Computer Science and Networking

2. Architetture e Sistemi Operativi (725AA, prima parte 6 CFU), Laurea Triennale in Informatica.

Topics for Bachelor/Master Theses

Interested students can ask me a thesis proposal in the following main areas:

High Performance Data Stream Processing

Data Streaming on Heterogeneous Systems (GPUs and FPGAs)

Actor-based Programming Models

Autonomic and Power-aware Parallel Computing

Operating Systems

Parallel Computing Libraries and Frameworks

Please send me an email and we can talk in person or by Skype/Teams/Meet. Below a list of possible projects (description in Italian) that are currently available (others upon request, also for foreign students):

1) [Bachelor/Master] “Analisi e Studio di Meccanismi di Microbatching Adattivo nel Contesto del Data Stream Processing". Proposal

2) [Master] “Supporto di Costrutti DataFlow Ciclici per il Data Streaming in WindFlow". Proposal

3) [Bachelor/Master] “Realizzazione di un Sistema di Eventi Temporizzati in una Libreria di Data Stream Processing in C++ (WindFlow)". Proposal

4) [Bachelor/Master] “Confronto tra Strumenti di Data Stream Processing su Sistemi Scale-up".Proposal

5) [Bachelor/Master] “Confronto prestazionale tra supporti per il Data Stream Processing in contesti di applicazioni con stato “Larger-than-Memory”. Proposal

6) [Master] “Progettazione ed Implementazione di una API ad Alto Livello Tabellare per WindFlow”. Proposal


[Bachelor/Master] indicates that the proposal can be studied by Bachelor students and Master students (with different levels of detail and complexity of the analysis).

[Master] indicates proposals suitable for Master students only.

Gabriele Mencagli