Research Projects

  • FuorisuoloSmart (2021-)
    • Partners: Florcoop Sanremo and University of Pisa.
      Funding body: Rural development 2014-2020 project of the Liguria region.
      Description: [Patent pending].

  • COLTIV@MI (finalized)
    • Partners: Jonix Srl (Principal Investigator), Sa.Se. Idraulica Srl, Apteon, Omnia Service Italia Srl, Fortrop, Lami Elettrica, and University of Pisa.
      Funding body: POR FESR 2014-2020 project of the Tuscany region.
      Description: The COLTIV@MI-project is an IoT-based indoor greenhouse monitoring system that can be controlled by the mobile phone of the gardening enthusiasts. It hosts advanced implementation and control systems and the possibility to use assisted growth programs. A dynamic model has been developed that predicts the time-series of crop-growth related parameters given environmental control data. It has been shown that the reciprocal of logistic growth dynamics can be represented by an exact linear dynamic system. [Commercialization pending].

  • Artificial Audiometry (finalized)
    • Partners: University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands, and University of Pisa.
      Funding body: University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
      Description: Development, realization and validation of an artificial patient with hearing impairment as well as a virtual audiologist.

  • MIMONet (finalized)
    • Partners: Aalborg University, Denmark, and Italian National Research Council, Pisa.
      Funding body: Italian National Research Council, Pisa.
      Description: Derivation, realization, testing, and dissemination of a software defined radio testbed performing multiple-input multiple output - space division multiple access (MIMO-SDMA) communication based on the IEEE 802.11n standard.

  • TElemedicine Services for HEALTH (TESHEALTH) (finalized)
    • Partners: Hospital San Giovanni Calibita Fatebenefratelli (Principal Investigator), Telbios s.p.a., Consortium CIISO, Consortium CNIT, Kell s.r.l.
      Funding body: ESA artes program.
      Description: Academic contribution to a novel telemedicine platform, providing real-time audio and video interactions among patients, physicians and health service provider.