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Table of Contents Image Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A90500-02
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1 Introducing Clickstream Intelligence

Introduction to Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence
Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Architecture
Contents of This Administrator's Guide

2 Getting Started

Introduction to the Runtime Administrator
Launching the Runtime Administrator
Logging In and Logging Out
The Runtime Administrator User Interface
The Configure Tab
The Manage Tab
Workflow Outline
Task Summary by Interface Region
Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Architecture Revisited
Detailed Overview
Loading Web Data
Populating the Dimensions
Your Role as Clickstream Intelligence Administrator

3 Configuring Clickstream Intelligence

Site Configuration
The Site Summary Page
Create a Web Site Definition
Delete a Site
Edit an Existing Site
The Site Navigation Menu
Defining Site Parameters for the First Time
Editing a Site's Configuration Parameters
Deleting Site Parameter Definitions
Creating New Parameter Definitions
Site Details
User Identification Parameters
Web Server Authentication
User Identification by Query String
User Identification by Cookie Value
Visitor Identification Parameters
Client Hostname or IP Address
Visitor Identification by Query String
Visitor Identification by Cookie Value
Visitor Identification by Visitor Field
Session Identification Parameters
Session Identification by Visitor ID and Timeout Period
Session Identification by Query String
Session Identification by Cookie Value
Session Identification by Session Field
Data Sources
View All Data Sources
Create a Data Source
Internal Domains and Internal Sites
Define a New Internal Domain or Internal Site
Local Search Engines
Define a New Local Search Engine
Page Parameter Rules
Global Page Parameter Rules
Individual Page Parameter Rules
Configuration Summary
Site Validation
System Configuration
The System Navigation Menu
Data Formats
Define a New Data Format
Data Filters
Create a Data Filter
Resource Types
Create a Resource Type
Referring Search Engines
Create a Referring Search Engine
System Parameters
Process Definitions
Create a Process Definition
Load Clickstream
Load Dimensions
Refresh Summaries
Resolve IP Addresses
Restore a Previous Version

4 Loading the Clickstream Database

Database Processes
The Process Status Page
Controlling the Clickstream Daemons
Starting and Stopping a Process
How to Start a Database Process
Stopping a Database Process
Show Details for a Previous Run
Process Types
Load Clickstream
Load Dimensions
Refresh Summaries
Resolve Unknown IP Addresses
Restore a Previous Version
Process Execution States
A Successful Process
Stop a Process and Resume
Stop a Process and Undo
Resume a Process with an Error
Undo a Process with an Error
The Process Navigation Menu
Process Details
Process Messages
Process Definition
Subprocess Details
Job Details
Process Data Packets
Delete Data Packets
Data Sources
Data Packets
The Data Packets Details Page

A Log File Types Supported by Clickstream Intelligence

Apache Log Format
Common Log File Format
Combined Log File Format
Apache Log File Format Example
Apache Log Format Details
W3C Extended Log File Format
W3C Extended Log File Format Example
WC3 Extended Log File Format Details
Microsoft IIS Extended Log File Format
Microsoft IIS Extended Log File Format Example
Microsoft IIS Extended Format Details

B Installing a Dedicated Clickstream Database

Dedicated Clickstream Database Installation Summary
Hardware Specifications
Software Specifications
Configuring the Database
Creating Tablespaces With the Database Installation Wizard
Manually Creating Tablespaces
Tablespace Sizing Formula
Calculated Tablespace Values
Analytics Tablespace (CANA):
Warehouse Data Tablespace (CDATA):
Warehouse Index Tablespace (CINDX):
Warehouse Summary Layer Tablespace (CSUMM):
Warehouse Staging Tablespace (CSTG):
Temporary Tablespace (TEMP):
Initialization Parameters File
Initialization Parameter Details
Running the Database Installation Wizard
Launching the Database Installation Wizard
How to Launch the Database Installation Wizard
The Welcome Page
The Install/Deinstall Page
The SYS Logon Page
The Runtime Administrator Schema Page
The Analytics Schema Page
The Language Selection Page
The Tablespace Option Page
The Database Sizing Parameters Page
The Suggested Tablespace Size Page
The Datafile Directory Page
The Temporary Tablespace Page
The Tablespaces Selection Page
The Summary Page
Database Installation Log

C Installing a Standalone Collector Agent

Introduction to the Collector Agent
Installing a Standalone Collector Agent
Pre-installation Requirements
Configuring the Collector Agent
The File
The agent.xml File
How to Start and Stop the Collector Agent
Commands for Specific Collector Agents
Commands for All Collector Agents

D Error Messages

Generic Clickstream Errors
Clickstream Loader Errors

E Metadata Repository Postinstallation and Configuration

Metadata Repository Post-Installation Tasks
Installing the Metadata Repository in a non-English Language



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