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Stefano Forti

Stefano Forti

(Chinese name: 卢文胜)

Stefano Forti is an assistant professor (RTDa) at the Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy. His position is partly funded with ESF REACT-EU resources. He is part of the Service-Oriented, Cloud and Fog Computing research group and of the Pervasive AI Lab.

His research focuses on the QoS-aware management of multiservice applications in Cloud-IoT ecosystems. His scientific interests include cloud-edge computing paradigms, secure software engineering, sustainable computing, and knowledge representation and reasoning.

He has taught several practical modules in advanced software engineering and is passionate about innovative methodologies for teaching computer science at all levels. Since 2015, he has been coordinating the Pisa CoderDojo club to teach young people how to code.

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