My research interests fall under the broad areas of Combinatorics on Words, Bioinformatics, Data Compression, Information Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures. Mainly, I am interested in Combinatorics on Words and its applications in Bioinformatics.

Much of my research to date has focused on Burrows-Wheeler Transform with applications to a wide variety of other scientific fields, ranging from theoretical computer science to molecular biology. I have worked on finite and infinite words (particularly episturmian words and the balanced words), palindromes and Lyndon words. But I also worked on new strategies for computing the sorting of the suffixes and/or the conjugates of the sequences of a multiset, (generalized) suffix array, (extended) Burrows-Wheeler Transform and the longest common prefix array, also in external memory.

I also worked on various applications related to Bioinformatics, such as analysis of sequences and the compression of collections of sequences.