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Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

The objective of the research unit is the development of theory, techniques and systems for extracting and delivering useful knowledge out of large masses of data. Today, knowledge discovery and data mining is both a technology that blends data analysis methods with sophisticated algorithms for processing large data sets, and an active research field that aims at developing new data analysis methods for novel forms of data. On one side, classification, clustering and pattern discovery tools are now part of mature data analysis and Business Intelligence systems and have been successfully applied to problems in various commercial and scientific domains. On the other side, the increasing heterogeneity and complexity of the new forms of data – such as those arriving from medicine, biology, the Web, the Earth observation systems, the mobility data arriving from wireless networks – call for new forms of patterns and models, together with new algorithms to discover such patterns and models efficiently.

From Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory (KDD Lab) of ISTI Institute of CNR and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa.
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