Computational Models for Complex Systems

Laurea Magistrale in Informatica

A.A. 2018/2019

Paolo Milazzo


[5mar2019] The class of Friday, 8 March 2019 is CANCELED!

[20feb2019] First class in Aula Fib L1!

Brief description of the course:

The course will deal with methods for the modeling, simulation and formal analysis of complex systems such as populations, biological systems, social networks, and so on.

Draft syllabus:


Lectures schedule (second semester, room Fib L1)

Office hours:


Lecture 1 (wed. 20 February 2019, 9am)
Introduction (slides)
Lecture 2 (fri. 22 February 2019, 9am)
Discrete dynamical systems (slides)
Lecture 3 (wed. 26 February 2019, 9am)
Continuous dynamical systems (slides)
Lecture 4 (fri. 1 March 2019, 9am)
Continuous dynamical systems (cont.)
Lecture 5 (wed. 6 March 2019, 9am)
The Chemical Reaction Metaphor (slides)
Lecture 6 (wed. 12 March 2019, 9am)
Stochastic Simulation of Chemical Reactions (slides)
Lecture 7 (fri. 15 March 2019, 9am)
Transition Systems (slides)
Lecture 8 (wed. 20 March 2019, 9am)
Probabilistic/Stochastic Transition Systems -- Markov Chains (slides)
Lecture 9 (fri. 22 March 2019, 9am)
The PRISM model checker (DEMO - PRISM models)
Lecture 10 (wed. 27 March 2019, 9am)
Multiset Rewriting and P Systems (slides)
Lecture 11 (fri. 29 March 2019, 9am)
Applications of P systems in population biology and ecology (slides)
Lecture 12 (wed. 10 April 2019, 9am)
Petri nets (slides)
Lecture 13 (fri. 12 April 2019, 9am)
Petri nets (cont.)
Lecture 14 (wed. 17 April 2019, 9am)
Applications of Petri nets in manufactoring (slides)
Lecture 15 (fri. 3 May 2019, 9am)
Basic notions of Discrete Event Simulation (slides)
Discussion about student presentations/projects
Lecture 16 (wed. 8 May 2019, 9am)
Cellular Automata and Agent Based Modeling NetLogo
Lecture 17 (wed. 15 May 2019, 9am)
Computational modelling of Internet addiction slides
Proposal of topics for theses slides
Student presentations (wed. 5 June 2019, 9am)
Flavio Ascari: Prism Games
Andrea Cossu: Modeling Internet addiction in NetLogo
Student presentations (fri. 7 June 2019, 9am)
Selman Alpdundar: Petri nets modeling of hospital procedures
Alessandro di Giorgio: Agent-based modeling of Music Group Playing
Student presentations (fri. 14 June 2019, 9am)
Nicolas Mannini: An approach to computational complexity with P systems

Teaching material:

Slides of the lectures are available above.

Lecture notes:


These are the software tools that will be used in the context of the course:


It may consist in either a presentation of a scientific paper, a small project (to be done in groups of 1-3 students), or a standard oral exam.

Proposals of scientific papers and projects ideas will be made available close to the end of the course (proposals from students are also welcome!)