"General Theory of Graph Transformation Systems"
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Vacancies offered by GETGRATS sites
Last update: December 5, 1999

  • Introduction
  • Requirements for Candidates
  • Instructions for Applications
  • Deadlines
  • Offered grants

  • Introduction

    A major goal of TMR networks is to provide an excellent environment for the training of young researchers. The GETGRATS sites will offer, during the three years of the project, grants for a total of about 20 years to young researchers having interests in topics related to Graph Transformation Systems. The requirements for candidates and the instructions for applications for the open vacancies, for about 40 man/months, are listed in this document.

    Perspective candidates (meeting the requirements listed below) can apply to one or more of the GETGRATS sites, for appointments whose typical length is 6 months (shorter or longer appointments are also possible). All appointments must finish before the end of the Projet, i.e., August 31, 2000. Candidates should read carefully the description of the research objectives of GETGRATS and of the various sites.

    The selected candidates are expected to work in close relationship with the staff of the hosting site. They will participate to the events organized by the GETGRATS network (workshops and focus area meetings). They will receive a grant of about 2000 ECU per month. The exact amount varies slightly depending on the hosting institution and on the category of the candidate (post-doctoral researcher or doctoral student).

    Applications should be compiled and submitted according to the instructions below. Any informal enquiry should be directed, preferably by electronic mail, to either the Team Leaders or the Network Coordinator.

    Requirements for Candidates

    The perspective candidate

    Instructions for Applications

    Applications must include the following information:
    contact addresses for the applicant, including email address;
    date of birth;
    educational achievements (including dates, institutions and grade or class; the candidate must also state explicitly to which category he belongs, i.e., doctoral student or post-doctoral researcher);
    research experience, including a list of publications;
    an outline of the research activity that the candidate intends to carry out at the host institution;
    the GETGRATS site to which the cadidate intends to apply; please, indicate at least one furhter GETGRATS site in the case the first one has no availability;
    desired length of the appointment;
    desired starting date (the appointment must finish at latest on July 31, 2000, but further contraints may apply for each offered grant);
    names and addresses of three referees (including telephone numbers and email addresses);
    a declaration by the candidate stating that he/she meets the above requirements.

    Each application has to be submitted to the Network Coordinator. An electronic copy of the application has to be sent to the Team Leader(s) of the sites to which the candidate applies. Application submission must be via electronic mail.


    The call is open till all offered grants are assigned. Applications will be considered in order of arrival.

    Offered grants

    The GETGRATS network offers grants for about 40 months preferably to post-doctoral researchers, but advanced doctoral students are also encouraged to apply. The candidates can apply for grants to any of the GETGRATS sites.
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