A Prolog interpreter for Reaction Systems analysis

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Main uncommented program (modify at your own risk):

Customizable clauses: (or you can just select one of the available examples below)
Examples: default, biosimilarity, lactose, heat-shock-response.
/* a Reaction System Process */ myenvironment([]). myentities([]). myreactions([react([a,b],[c],[b])]). mycontext(Ks) :- parse_ctx('[({a,b}.{a}.{a,c}.nil + {a,b}.{a}.{a}.nil)]',Ks). /* a BioHML formula to check */ mybhml(G) :- parse_bhml('<-{c} inE>[-{c} inE]<-{c} inE>true',G). /* a F-biosimilarity check against an adversary process */ myassert(F) :- parse_assert('-{c} inE',F). advenvironment([]). adventities([]). advreactions([react([a,b],[c],[b])]). advcontext(Ks) :- parse_ctx('[{a,b}.{a}.{a,c}.nil]',Ks).


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Linda Brodo
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Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali
Università di Sassari

Roberto Bruni
Professor of Computer Science

Dipartimento di Informatica
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Moreno Falaschi
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