Java and the JVM: Definition and Verification (37-474)

2002-04-05 Introduction, Abstract State Machines
2002-04-12 Java-I, the imperative core of Java
2002-04-19 Java-C, Java with classes as modules
2002-04-26 Java-O, Java with objects and arrays
2002-05-03 Java-E, Java with exceptions
2002-05-10 Java-T, Java with threads, soundness of synchronization
2002-05-17 Theorem: Java is type safe (unreachable statements, definite assignment)
2002-05-24 JVM-I, the imperative core of the trustful VM, compilation of Java-I
2002-05-31 JVM-C, the trustful VM with classes, compilation of Java-C
2002-06-07 JVM-O, the trustful VM with objects, compilation of Java-O
2002-06-07 JVM-E, the trustful VM with exceptions, compilation of Java-E
2002-06-14 Theorem: Correctness of the Java-to-bytecode compiler
2002-06-14 The defensive VM with run-time checks
2002-06-21 Problems of bytecode verification
2002-06-21 Theorem: Bytecode type assignments are sound
2002-06-28 Theorem: The verifier is sound and complete (the diligent VM)
2002-07-05 Theorem: Compiler generates verifiable code (certifying compilation)

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