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Oracle® Database Advanced Security Administrator's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14268-02
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List of Examples

3-1 Opening the External Security Module Wallet with ALTER SYSTEM
3-2 Setting or Resetting the Master Key To Use a PKI-Based Private Key
3-3 Adding Salt to an Encrypted Column
3-4 Removing Salt from an Encrypted Column
3-5 Creating a New Table with an Encrypted Column Using the Default Algorithm (AES192)
3-6 Creating a New Table with an Encrypted Column Using 3DES168 and NO SALT
3-7 Creating a New External Table with a Password-Generated Column Key
3-8 Adding Encrypted Columns to Existing Tables
3-9 Encrypting Unencrypted Columns
3-10 Turning Off Column Encryption
3-11 Creating Index on a Column Encrypted Without Salt
3-12 Changing the Encryption Key on Tables Containing Encrypted Columns
3-13 Changing the Encryption Key and Algorithm on Tables Containing Encrypted Columns
8-1 Sample tnsnames.ora File with Server Certificate DN and TCP/IP with SSL Specified
8-2 Sample listener.ora File with TCP/IP with SSL Specified as the Protocol
F-1 Create a Wallet with a Self-Signed Certificate and Export the Certificate
F-2 Create a Wallet and a User Certificate