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Business Components for Java is a 100%-Java, XML-powered framework that enables productive development, portable deployment, and flexible customization of multi-tier, database-savvy applications from reusable business components.

To develop and edit business components, use Oracle JDeveloper, available for free trial download on the Oracle Technology Network. You can also view the JDeveloper Documentation on the Oracle Technology Network. To use the Oracle Technology Network, a free resource, go to OTN's registration page.

JDeveloper provides facilities to develop a special kind of web application based on a combination of JSP technology and Oracle's Business Components for Java framework. We call this kind of web application a Business Components JSP application.

This document provides a brief introduction to the capabilities of Business Components for Java and Business Components JSP applications.

This document contains the following sections:

The Oracle9i Business Components for Java documentation includes the following references in Javadoc:

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