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Table of Contents Image Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE Servlet Developerís Guide
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A95878-01
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1 Servlet Overview

Information Sources
Servlet Information
Additional OC4J Documents
Introduction to Servlets
Advantages of Servlets
Servlets and the Servlet Container
Request Objects, Response Objects, and Filters
Session Tracking
A First Servlet Example
Hello World Code
Compiling and Deploying the Servlet
Running the Servlet

2 Servlet Development

Servlet Development Basics
Code Template
Servlet Lifecycle
Servlet Behavior
Invoking a Servlet
Action by the Servlet Container Upon Request
Invoking a Servlet by Class Name in OC4J
Configuration for Servlet Invocation in a Deployment Environment
Servlet Loading and Initialization
Servlet Sessions
Session Tracking
Session Cancellation
Session Servlet Example
Session Replication
Use of JDBC in Servlets
Database Query Servlet
Deployment and Testing of the Database Query Servlet
EJB Calls from Servlets
Local EJB Lookup Within the Same Application
Remote EJB Lookup Within the Same Application
EJB Lookup Outside the Application

3 Deployment and Configuration

Introduction to Web Application Deployment and Configuration
Web Application Modules
Overview of OC4J Deployment
Overview of Web Configuration Files
Application Assembly
Application Directory Structure
Application Build Mechanisms
Application Deployment
Configuration File Descriptions
Syntax Notes for Element Documentation
The global-web-application.xml and orion-web.xml Files
The default-web-site.xml File and Other Web Site XML Files

4 Servlet Filters

Overview of Servlet Filters
How the Servlet Container Invokes Filters
Filter Examples
Filter Example #1
Filter Example #2
Filter Example #3

A Third Party Licenses

Apache HTTP Server
The Apache Software License
Apache JServ
Apache JServ Public License

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