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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Application Server mod_plsql User's Guide
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A90855-01
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1 Using mod_plsql

1.1 Oracle Database Requirements
1.2 Before you begin
1.3 Installing Required Packages
1.3.1 Upgrading from Oracle9i Application Server or WebDB Listener
1.4 Accessing the mod_plsql Configuration page
1.4.1 Access the DAD Configuration pages through OEM
1.4.2 Access the DAD Configuration pages through Portal

2 mod_plsql Overview

2.1 Processing Client Requests
2.2 Database Access Descriptors
2.3 Invoking mod_plsql
2.3.1 POST, GET and HEAD Methods
2.4 Transaction Mode
2.5 Parameter passing
2.5.1 Parameter Passing by Name (Overloaded parameters) Overloading and PL/SQL Arrays
2.5.2 Flexible Parameter Passing Two parameter interface Four parameter interface
2.5.3 Large Parameter Passing
2.6 File Upload and Download
2.6.1 Document Table Definition Semantics of the CONTENT column Semantics of the CONTENT_TYPE column Semantics of the LAST_UPDATED column Semantics of the DAD_CHARSET column
2.6.2 Old Style Document Table Definition
2.6.3 Parameters for Document Upload/Downloading PlsqlDocumentPath (Document Access Path) PlsqlDocumentProcedure (Document Access Procedure): PlsqlUploadAsLongRaw
2.6.4 File Upload
2.6.5 Specifying Attributes (Mime Types) of Uploaded Files
2.6.6 Uploading Multiple Files
2.6.7 File Download
2.6.8 Direct BLOB Download
2.7 Path Aliasing (Direct Access URLs)
2.8 Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Environment Variables
2.8.1 Adding and Overiding CGI Environment Variables
2.8.2 PlsqlNLSLanguage REQUEST_CHARSET CGI environment variable REQUEST_IANA_CHARSET CGI environment variable
2.9 Restrictions in mod_plsql


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