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Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration Guide
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A90852-02
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This guide provides information about configuring Oracle9iAS Portal.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for users who are responsible for configuring and maintaining Oracle9iAS Portal.


An updated version of this manual may be available at:


This guide is comprised of the following:

Chapter Contents

Chapter 1, "Verifying Requirements"

Describes the Oracle9iAS Portal system requirements.

Chapter 2, "Post-installation Tasks"

Provides general post-installation information, including how to access Oracle9iAS Portal in your browser, and descriptions of the default Oracle9iAS Portal schemas, accounts, and groups created upon installation.

Chapter 3, "Configuring Oracle9iAS Portal using OPCA"

Most of the Oracle9iAS Portal configuration will now be done with the use of the Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration Assistant. This section provides information about the various topologies that you can set up with Oracle9iAS Portal including stand-alone laptop, integrated server, and traditional three-tier. It also discusses installing and changing the language of Oracle9iAS Portal in your browser.

Chapter 4, "Using the PL/SQL HTTP Adapter"

Provides information about the PL/SQL HTTP Adapter and on how to set up the environment for it, and how to use it to share portlets with other Oracle9iAS Portal instances.

Chapter 5, "Deploying Web Portals"

Provides information on various deployment configurations.

Chapter 6, "Advanced Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration"

Provides instructions on how to perform more advanced Oracle9iAS Portal configurations, including middle Tier, proxy server, Oracle9iAS Web Cache and Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Server configuration.

Chapter 7, "Configuring the Search Features in Oracle9iAS Portal"

Provides instructions on configuring Oracle Text to perform text searching in page groups created with Oracle9iAS Portal and information on how to set up and start using Oracle Ultra Search.

Chapter 8, "Troubleshooting Oracle9iAS Portal"

Provides solutions to problems you may encounter while installing or using Oracle9iAS Portal.

Appendix A, "Oracle9i Application Server Configuration Files"

Provides information about the configuration files which can affect the connection to and the behavior of the Oracle9i Application Server and its components in the middle tier as well as on other machines to which it is connecting.

Appendix B, "Oracle9iAS Portal Installation and Configuration Scripts"

Provides information about various scripts and OPCA modes that are used for customizing the configuration.


The following notational conventions are used in this guide:

Convention Meaning


Used for emphasis.

Also used for button names, labels, links, and other user interface elements.


Used to introduce new terms and book titles.

Also used to represent a variable. Substitute an appropriate value for the italic text.


Used to represent text you need to type.

Also used for file names and directories.


Used for environment variables, command line keywords, and built-ins and package names on an NT platform. The UNIX platform uses lower case.


Refers to the location of the Oracle9i Application Server installation files, including those for the Oracle9iAS Portal component.


The Oracle9iAS Portal Online Help page group, is an online help system which provides detailed step-by-step instructions and reference information, as well as an introduction to Oracle9iAS Portal and troubleshooting information.

This guide refers you to various "topics" included in the Oracle9iAS Portal online help system.

You can find information about the Oracle9i Application Server in the Oracle9i Application Server documentation library, available at:

Oracle9iAS Portal Publications

You can also refer to the following publications which are available from the Oracle Technology Network at:

Part Number Title Description


Release Notes

Describes last minute changes to the product or documentation.


Building Advanced Portals

Provides several cases that show you how to use Oracle9iAS Portal's advanced features.


Oracle9iAS Portal Development Kit

Provides detailed information about the Oracle9iAS Portal API set, as well as numerous examples that demonstrate API implementation.

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