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Oracle Management Server Messages

VXA-1000 to VXA-2999 Messages

VXA-1000: Error starting Oracle Management Server. Check the boot host name in the file.

Cause: The host could not be located.

Action: The oem.BootHose property within the file should have a value of "localhost." Specify the value and restart the Oracle Management Server.

VXA-1002: The Oracle Management Server's repository has not been completely configured.

Cause: The repository that was specified does not contain the tables expected.

Action: Verify that the repository specified via the Oracle Configuration Assistant is valid. If the repository is invalid, rerun the Configuration Assistant and either edit the configuration to specify a valid Oracle Management Server repository, drop the current repository and recreate it, or create the repository.

VXA-1003: Administrator login credentials are invalid.

Cause: The credentials specified by the user to authenticate themselves to the Oracle Management Server are incorrect.

Action: Log in again using the correct username and password.

VXA-1004: A communications failure was detected while communicating with the Oracle Management Server. The Oracle Management Server may have been shut down.

Cause: A CORBA communications failure was detected performing an operation against the Oracle Management Server.

Action: Restart the Oracle Management Server and retry the operation.

VXA-2016: Repository credentials not specified

Cause: Incorrect or missing credentials in the OMSCONFIG.PROPERTIES file.

Action: Verify the contents in the OMSCONFIG.PROPERTIES file. If the contents are corrupted, use the Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant's Edit Configuration Parameters selection to reset the configuration parameters.

VXA-2018: Unable to connect to OMS repository

Cause: The Oracle Management Server cannot connect to the repository against which it is configured to run.

Action: Verify that the repository service information provided in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant is correct.

VXA-2023: An Oracle Management Server has already been started on this machine. Aborting.

Cause: The Oracle Management Server is already running.

Action: Check if the Oracle Management Server is already running, or if the Oracle Management Server BootPort (specified in the file) is already in use by another application.

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