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Oracle Management Object Messages

OMO-1000 to OMO-1999 Messages

OMO-1001: The object has already been initialized.

Cause: You tried to call one of the initialization methods either "create" or "edit" on an object that has already been initialized.

Action: Remove any duplicate calls.

OMO-1002: Database was not set.

Cause: One of the methods, "create", "edit", or "drop" was called before setting a database to the object.

Action: Add a call to method "setDatabase" in the code before it calls one of the mentioned methods.

OMO-1003: Database was not connected.

Cause: The database has not been connected.

Action: Make sure method "connect" has been called and that it connects successfully.

OMO-1004: Failed to create the server object.

Cause: The necessary objects could not be created. Possible corruption of installation.

Action: Run samples and verify the installation.

OMO-1005: The name of the object was not set.

Cause: You attempted to edit or drop an object before setting its name.

Action: Add call to method "set name".

OMO-1006: The object was not properly initialized.

Cause: The required initialization has not been performed.

Action: Refer to the developer's guide or samples for proper initialization steps for the object to perform a certain task.

OMO-1007: The database has already been connected.

Cause: You tried to connect to a database that has been connected already.

Action: Disconnect the database and connect again.

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