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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Application Server Concepts
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A95926-02
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1 Introduction to Oracle9i Application Server

The Challenges of Creating and Maintaining an E-Business
Development Challenges
J2EE Applications
Web Services
Enterprise Integration
Deployment Challenges
User and Security Management
Systems Management
Building an E-Business Solution with Oracle9i
Overview of Oracle9i Application Server
Oracle9iAS Solutions
J2EE and Internet Applications
Business Intelligence
E-Businesses Integration
Management and Security
Oracle9iAS Components

2 J2EE and Internet Application Development and Deployment

Application Development and Deployment in Oracle9iAS
What Types of Applications Can Be Developed for Deployment in Oracle9iAS?
Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE
J2EE Application Development Concepts
What Is a J2EE Application?
J2EE Distributed Multitiered Application Model
Types of J2EE Clients
Types of J2EE Application Components
Types of J2EE Containers
J2EE Application Packaging Concepts
How OC4J Runs and Manages Servlets
About the Servlet Container
How the Servlet Container Works
How OC4J Runs and Manages JavaServer Pages
About the JSP Translator
How the JSP Translator Works
How OC4J Runs and Manages EJBs
About the OC4J EJB Container
How the EJB Container Works
J2EE Services
Oracle J2EE Services
Oracle9iAS Web Services
Oracle9iAS Web Services Architecture
Web Services Framework
Oracle XML Developer Kit
XML and XSLT Parsers
XML Schema Processors
XML Class Generators
XSQL Servlet
XML Transviewer Beans
Oracle9iAS PL/SQL Platform
Oracle9iAS PL/SQL
Oracle PL/SQL Server Pages
Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit
Oracle9iAS Forms Services
Oracle9iAS Forms Services Architecture
Oracle HTTP Server
Oracle HTTP Server Components
Oracle HTTP Server Features
Oracle HTTP Server Architecture
Modular Architecture
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Support
Oracle9iAS Clustering
Clustering Terminology
Front-End Load Balancer
Metadata Repository in the Infrastructure
Application Server Instance
Management Features
High Availability
Benefits of High Availability
The mod_oc4j Module

3 Portal Development and Deployment

Introduction to Oracle9iAS Portal
What is Oracle9iAS Portal?
E-Business Support with Oracle9iAS Portal
Oracle9iAS Portal Features
Portal Page Creation, Management, and Customization
Portal Content Publishing and Management
Content Searching
Content Syndication
Portals and Wireless Devices
Oracle9iAS Portal Architecture
Application Access and Integration
Integrating with Portlet Providers
Oracle9iAS Portlets
Custom Portlets
Partner Portlets
Portal Security
User Authentication in Oracle9iAS Portal
Access Control in Oracle9iAS Portal

4 Wireless Development and Deployment

Introduction to Oracle9iAS Wireless
What is Oracle9iAS Wireless?
Oracle9iAS Wireless Architecture
Oracle9iAS Wireless HTTP Adapter
Device/Network Adapter
Oracle9iAS Wireless Features
Deploy Applications for Any Device, Protocol, or Network
Location-Based Services
Mobile Personal Information Management (PIM) and E-mail Support
m-Commerce and Billing Support
m-Commerce APIs
Mobile Wallet
Payment Processing
Extending m-Commerce Drivers
Studio for Building, Testing, and Deploying Mobile Applications
Advanced Customization
Server Push and SMS
Off-Line Management

5 Caching for Performance

About Caching
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Overview
High Availability
Cost Savings
Reduce Network Traffic
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Architecture
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Features
Full-Page Static and Dynamic Content Caching
Partial-Page Caching and Personalized Content Assembly
Page Assembly Components
Edge Side Includes (ESI)
Edge Side Includes for Java (JESI)
Invalidation for Cache Consistency Management
Performance Assurance Heuristics
Automatic Content Compression
Web Server Load Balancing and Failover
Cache Clustering
Flexible Deployment Options
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Security
Restricted Administration
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support
Certificate Authority

6 Business Intelligence

Introduction to Oracle9iAS Business Intelligence
Introduction to Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence
What is Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence?
Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Features
Enterprise Warehousing Environment
Runtime Administrator
Customize Information Delivery
Different Data Sources Supported
Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Architecture
Introduction to Oracle9iAS Personalization
What is Oracle9iAS Personalization?
Oracle9iAS Personalization Features
Real-Time Recommendation Engine Architecture
Data Mining Technology
Single Administrative Interface
Oracle9iAS Personalization Architecture
Introduction to Oracle9iAS Reports Services
What is Oracle9iAS Reports Services?
Oracle9iAS Reports Services Features
Event-Based Reporting
Extensible Architecture
Enhanced Report Bursting and Distribution
Oracle9iAS Reports Services Architecture
Introduction to Oracle9iAS Discoverer
What is Oracle9iAS Discoverer?
Oracle9iAS Discoverer Tools
Oracle9iAS Discoverer Viewer
Oracle9iAS Discoverer Plus and Oracle9iAS Discoverer Desktop
Oracle9iAS Discoverer and Oracle9iAS Portal
Oracle9i Discoverer Administrator
Oracle9iAS Discoverer Architecture
Integrate Oracle9iAS Business Intelligence
Create an E-Business Dashboard Using Oracle9iAS Portal
Leverage Single Signon Functionality

7 Oracle9iAS Integration

About Oracle9iAS Integration
Oracle9iAS InterConnect
Oracle9iAS InterConnect Adapters
Oracle Workflow
Oracle Advanced Queuing
Additional Integration Features
Oracle Internet File System
Development Platform
Oracle9iAS Unified Messaging
Message Store
Open Standards-Based Messaging
Thin Client
Web-Based Calendar
Telephone Applications
Extended Server Side Rules
Application Integration

8 System Management

System Management Overview
System Management Architecture
About Management
Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Web Site
Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console
Management Features
Single Point for Distributed Configuration and Management
Performance Monitoring
Dynamic Monitoring Service
J2EE Deployment and Administration
About Security
Security Features
Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On
Partner and External Applications
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
Oracle Internet Directory
Self-Service Console
Password Management
Synchronization with Third Party LDAP Servers
Key Directory Features
Using Oracle Internet Directory with Middle Tier Components



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