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Oracle9i Application Server Performance Guide
Release 2 (9.0.2)

Part Number A95102-02
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access logging, 5-14
access control, 2-5
performance monitoring, 2-4
URL, 2-5
using, 2-4
default configuration, 2-5


deployment configuration, 6-39
failover mode, 6-41
performance, 6-39
built-in performance metrics, 2-2


cache size
calculating with Web Cache, 7-3
maximum with Web Cache, 7-3
cacheScheme data sources option, 6-11
cache-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-34
owa_cache packages, 8-24
system-level, 8-23
user-level, 8-23
validation technique, 8-16
call-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-29
capacity, 1-7
defined, 1-2
limiting, 1-8
concurrent users, 5-8
connection limit
on UNIX with Web Cache, 7-8
on Windows, 7-10
Web Cache, 7-7
connection-retry-interval data sources option, 6-14
contention, 1-5
defined, 1-2
insufficient, 1-5
performance and Web Cache, 7-2


data sources
cacheScheme option, 6-11
configuring, 6-9
connection-retry-interval option, 6-14
ejb aware, 6-10
inactivity-timeout option, 6-13
max-connect-attempts option, 6-15
max-connections option, 6-11
min-connections option, 6-12
wait-timeout option, 6-14
database monitoring, 6-38
database tuning, 6-38
default application
configuration, 2-5
demand rate, 1-6, 1-7
See also httpd.conf directives
default configuration, 2-5
URI path, 2-5
access control, 2-7
address option, 2-8, 2-11
count option, 2-8
dump option, 2-8, 2-11
interval option, 2-8
list option, 2-8, 2-9
options, 2-7
table option, 2-8
using, 2-7
domain name server, 5-14
do-select-before-insert orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-30
dynamic include
vs. static include, 6-26
DYNAMIC_SCHEME cacheScheme value, 6-12


Edge Side Includes (ESI)
memory for, 7-4
data sources, 6-10
metrics, A-12
monitoring, 4-4
orion-ejb-jar.xml parameters
cache-timeout, 6-34
call-timeout, 6-29
do-select-before-insert, 6-30
isolation, 6-31
locking-mode, 6-31, 6-33
max-instances, 6-31
max-tx-retries, 6-30, 6-31
min-instances, 6-31
pool-cache-timeout, 6-31
timeout, 6-35
update-changed-fields-only, 6-31
performance on OC4J, 6-28
server.xml parameters, 6-28
transaction-config element, 6-28
entity tag caching method, 8-17
error log, 5-14
directive, 5-14
expires caching technique
expires technique, 8-20
external resource file
for static text, 6-27


BC4J, 6-41
FIXED_RETURN_NULL_SCHEME cacheScheme value, 6-12
FIXED_WAIT_SCHEME cacheScheme value, 6-12
functional demand, 1-7


garbage collection
and Web Cache, 7-6
global-web.application.xml parameters, 6-22


defined, 1-2
parameter, 5-6
heap size
setting, 6-3
directive, 5-14
HTTP connections
limiting for standalone OC4J, 6-36
HTTP server
directives, 8-25
httpd process, 8-4
monitoring, 3-2
HTTP server process, 8-4
configuration file
directives, 5-10
ErrorLog, 5-14
HostNameLookups, 5-14
KeepAlive, 5-11, 5-13
KeepAliveTimeout, 5-12, 5-13
LogLevel, 5-14
MaxClients, 5-11, 5-12
MaxKeepAliveRequests, 5-12, 5-13
MaxRequestsPerChild, 5-11
MaxSpareServers, 5-11, 8-11
MinSpareServers, 5-11, 8-11
SSLSessionCacheTimeout, 5-15
StartServers, 5-11, 8-11
ThreadsPerChild, 5-13
Timeout, 5-11
port numbers, 4-8


inactivity-timeout data sources option, 6-13
include directive use with JSPs, 6-26
incoming connections
Web Cache, 7-7
isolation orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-31


guidelines for performance, 6-1
improving performance, 6-1
metrics, A-8
J2EE applications
monitoring, 4-4
Java options
-client, 6-5
concurrentio, 6-6
-server, 6-5
stack size, 6-6
-Xconcurrentio, 6-6
-Xms, 6-4
-Xmx, 6-4
-Xss, 6-6
metrics, A-28
JSP, 6-21
metrics, A-11
JSP configuration
main_mode, 6-22
dynamic include, 6-26
include directives, 6-26
justrun main_mode parameter, 6-22
monitoring, 4-4
page buffer, 6-25
page sessions, 6-23
recompile main_mode parameter, 6-22
runtime include, 6-26
static include, 6-26
translate-time includes, 6-26
justrun main_mode parameter, 6-22
metrics, A-3
setting heap size, 6-3


KeepAlive httpd.conf directive, 5-11, 5-13, 8-25
KeepAliveTimeout httpd.conf directive, 5-12, 5-13


defined, 1-2
first-request, 6-17
load balancing
OC4J server, 6-38
load variances, 1-9
load-on-startup web.xml parameter, 6-17
locking-mode orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-31, 6-33
locking-mode values
optimistic, 6-32
pessimistic, 6-32
read-only, 6-32
access, 5-14
error, 5-14
performance and, 5-14
performance implications of, 5-14
LogLevel directive, 5-14
utility, 5-14


main_mode parameter, 6-22
parameter, 1-4
MaxClients directive, 5-12
MaxClients httpd.conf directive, 5-11
max-connect-attempts data sources option, 6-15
max-connections data sources option, 6-11
max-connections-queue-timeout max-http-connections attribute, 6-36
maximum cache size
configuring with Web Cache, 7-3
maximum network connections
Web Cache, 7-7
max-instances orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-31
MaxKeepAliveRequests httpd.conf directive, 5-12, 5-13
MaxRequestsPerChild httpd.conf directive, 5-11
MaxSpareServers httpd.conf directive, 5-11
max-tx-retries orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-30, 6-31
calculating with Web Cache, 7-3
configuring with Web Cache, 7-3
ESI and Web Cache, 7-4
JVM heap size, 6-3
metric table types
JDBC_Connection, A-5
JDBC_DataSource, A-4
JDBC_Driver, A-4
JDBC_Statement, A-6
jserv_jsp, A-32
jserv_server, A-28
jserv_servlet, A-30
jserv_zone, A-29
JVM, A-3
modplsql_Cache, A-16
modplsql_DatabaseConnectionPool, A-17, A-18
modplsql_HTTPResponseCodes, A-16
modplsql_LastNSQLError, A-17
modplsql_PageEngine, A-20
modplsql_PageEngine_ResponseCodes, A-23
modplsql_SQLErrorGroup, A-16
oc4j_context, A-9
oc4j_ejb_entity_bean, A-12
oc4j_ejb_method, A-13
oc4j_jsp, A-11
oc4j_jspExec, A-11
oc4j_servlet, A-10
oc4j_web_module, A-9
ohs_module, A-3
ohs_server, A-2
metric tables, 2-4
activeConnections.maxValue, A-29
activeConnections.value, A-29
activeInstances.value, A-12
activeSessions.value, A-30
activeSTMInstances.maxValue, A-31, A-33
activeSTMInstances.value, A-31, A-33
activeThreadGroups.maxValue, A-3
activeThreadGroups.minValue, A-3
activeThreadGroups.value, A-3
activeThreads.maxValue, A-3
activeThreads.minValue, A-3
activeThreads.value, A-3
availableInstances.value, A-12
bean-type.value, A-12
cacheEnabled.value, A-21
CacheFreeSize.value, A-4
CacheGetConnection.avg, A-4
CacheGetConnection.completed, A-4
CacheGetConnection.maxTime, A-4
CacheGetConnection.minTime, A-4
CacheGetConnection.time, A-4
CacheHit.count, A-5
cacheHits.value, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
CacheMiss.count, A-5
cachePageHits.value, A-21
cachePageRequests.value, A-21
CacheSize.value, A-5
cacheStatus.value, A-16, A-29
checkReload.avg, A-29
checkReload.completed, A-29
checkReload.maxTime, A-29
checkReload.minTime, A-29
checkReload.time, A-29, A-13
client.avg, A-13
client.completed, A-13
client.maxTime, A-13
client.minTime, A-13
client.time, A-13, A-2
connection.avg, A-2
ConnectionCloseCount.count, A-4, A-4
ConnectionCreate.avg, A-4
ConnectionCreate.completed, A-4
ConnectionCreate.maxTime, A-4
ConnectionCreate.minTime, A-4
ConnectionCreate.time, A-4
connection.maxTime, A-2
connection.minTime, A-2
ConnectionOpenCount.count, A-4
connection.time, A-2, A-18, A-19
connFetch.avg, A-18, A-19
connFetch.completed, A-18, A-19, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27, A-28
connFetch.maxTime, A-18, A-19
connFetch.minTime, A-18, A-19
connFetch.time, A-18, A-19
CreateNewStatement.avg, A-5, A-6
CreateNewStatement.completed, A-5, A-6
CreateNewStatement.maxTime, A-5, A-6
CreateNewStatement.minTime, A-5, A-6
CreateNewStatement.time, A-5, A-6, A-31, A-32
createSession.avg, A-31, A-33
createSession.completed, A-31, A-33
createSession.maxTime, A-31, A-33
createSession.minTime, A-31, A-33
createSession.time, A-31, A-33
CreateStatement.avg, A-5, A-6
CreateStatement.completed, A-5, A-6
CreateStatement.maxTime, A-5, A-6
CreateStatement.minTime, A-5, A-6
CreateStatement.time, A-5, A-6
EJB, A-12, A-14
ejbPostCreate.avg, A-14
ejbPostCreate.completed, A-14
ejbPostCreate.maxTime, A-14
ejbPostCreate.minTime, A-14
ejbPostCreate.time, A-14
error.count, A-17
errorDate.value, A-17
errorRequest.value, A-17
errorText.value, A-17
exclusive-write-access.value, A-12
Execute.time, A-6, A-7, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27, A-28
executeTime.avg, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
executeTime.maxTime, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
executeTime.minTime, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
executeTime.time, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27, A-28
Fetch.time, A-6, A-7
freeMemory.maxValue, A-3
freeMemory.minValue, A-3
freeMemory.value, A-3, A-2, A-3
handle.avg, A-2, A-3
handle.completed, A-2, A-3
handle.maxTime, A-2, A-3
handle.minTime, A-2, A-3
handle.time, A-2, A-3
hits.count, A-16, A-18, A-19
host.value, A-29
httpTimeout.value, A-23
httpUnresolvedRedirect.value, A-23
httpXXX.value, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
idlePeriod.completed, A-29
idlePeriod.maxTime, A-29
idlePeriod.minTime, A-29
idlePeriod.time, A-29
isolation.value, A-12
J2EE, A-8
JServ, A-28
JSP, A-11
JVM, A-3
lastErrorDate.value, A-17
lastErrorRequest.value, A-17
lastErrorText.value, A-17
lastResponseCode.value, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
lastResponseDate.value, A-23, A-24, A-25, A-26, A-27
loadFailed.count, A-30
loadServlet.avg, A-31, A-32
loadServletClasses. active, A-32, A-31
loadServletClasses.avg, A-31, A-32
loadServletClasses.completed, A-31, A-32
loadServletClasses.maxTime, A-31, A-32
loadServletClasses.minTime, A-31, A-32
loadServletClasses.time, A-31, A-32
loadServlet.completed, A-31, A-32
loadServlet.maxTime, A-31, A-32
loadServlet.minTime, A-31, A-32
loadServlet.time, A-31, A-32
LogicalConnection.value, A-5, A-6
maxBacklog.value, A-29
maxConnections.value, A-29
maxSTMInstances.value, A-31, A-33
newMisses.count, A-16, A-18, A-19
numMods.value, A-2
offline.value, A-25, A-27
Oracle9iAS performance, A-1
pageElapsedTimeAvg.count, A-21
pageElapsedTimeAvg.value, A-21
pageElapsedTime.count, A-21
pageElapsedTime.maxValue, A-21
pageElapsedTime.minValue, A-21
pageElapsedTime.value, A-21
pageMetadataFetchTimeAvg.count, A-22
pageMetadataFetchTimeAvg.value, A-22
pageMetadataFetchTime.count, A-22
pageMetadataFetchTime.maxValue, A-22
pageMetadataFetchTime.minValue, A-22
pageMetadataFetchTime.value, A-22
pageMetadataWaitTimeAvg.count, A-21
pageMetadataWaitTimeAvg.value, A-21
pageMetadataWaitTime.count, A-21
pageMetadataWaitTime.maxValue, A-21
pageMetadataWaitTime.minValue, A-21
pageMetadataWaitTime.value, A-21
pageRequests.value, A-21, A-9
parseRequest.avg, A-9
parseRequest.completed, A-9
parseRequest.maxTime, A-9
parseRequest.minTime, A-9
parseRequest.time, A-9
persistence-type.value, A-12
portal, A-15
port.value, A-29, A-9, A-11, A-30, A-32
processRequest.avg, A-9, A-11, A-30, A-32
processRequest.completed, A-9, A-11, A-30, A-32
processRequest.maxTime, A-9, A-11, A-30, A-32
processRequest.minTime, A-9, A-11, A-30, A-32
processRequest.time, A-9, A-11, A-30, A-32
queueLengthAvg.count, A-22
queueLengthAvg.value, A-22
queueLength.count, A-22
queueLength.maxValue, A-22
queueLength.minValue, A-22
queueLength.value, A-22
queueStayAvg.count, A-22
queueStayAvg.value, A-22
queueStay.count, A-22
queueStay.maxValue, A-22
queueStay.minValue, A-22
queueStay.value, A-22
queueTimeout.value, A-22, A-29
readRequest.avg, A-29
readRequest.completed, A-29
readRequest.maxTime, A-29
readRequest.minTime, A-29
readRequest.time, A-29
readSession.count, A-30, A-2
request.avg, A-2
request.completed, A-2
request.maxTime, A-2
request.minTime, A-2
requests.count, A-16
request.time, A-2, A-9
resolveContext.avg, A-9
resolveContext.completed, A-9
resolveContext.maxTime, A-9
resolveContext.minTime, A-9
resolveContext.time, A-9
resolveServlet.avg, A-10
resolveServlet.completed, A-10
resolveServlet.maxTime, A-10
resolveServlet.minTime, A-10
resolveServlet.time, A-10, A-10, A-11, A-12
service.avg, A-10, A-11
service.completed, A-10, A-11
service.maxTime, A-10, A-11
service.minTime, A-10, A-11, A-30, A-32
serviceRequest.avg, A-30, A-32
serviceRequest.completed, A-30, A-32
serviceRequest.maxTime, A-30, A-32
serviceRequest.minTime, A-30, A-32
serviceRequest.time, A-31, A-32
service.time, A-10, A-11
sessionActivation.avg, A-10
sessionActivation.completed, A-10
sessionActivation.maxTime, A-10
sessionActivation.minTime, A-10
sessionActivation.time, A-10
session-type.value, A-12
SQLText.value, A-6, A-7
staleMisses.count, A-16, A-18, A-19
totalMemory.maxValue, A-3
totalMemory.minValue, A-3
totalMemory.value, A-3
transaction-type.value, A-12
trans-attribute.value, A-13
upTime.value, A-3, A-13
wrapper.avg, A-13
wrapper.completed, A-13
wrapper.maxTime, A-13
wrapper.minTime, A-13
wrapper.time, A-13
writeSession.count, A-30
min-connections data sources option, 6-12
min-instances orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-31
MinSpareServers httpd.conf directive, 5-11
mod_expires, 8-25
mod_oc4j, 6-3
metric table type, A-16
metric table type, A-17, A-18
metric table type, A-16
metric table type, A-17
metric table type, A-20
metric table type, A-23
metric table type, A-16
EJBs, 4-4
HTTP server, 3-2
JSPs, 4-4
J2EE applications monitoring, 4-4
Oracle HTTP Server, 3-11
performance statistics, 2-2
servlets, 4-4


bandwidth and Web Cache, 7-7
connections on UNIX with Web Cache, 7-8
network connections
on Windows, 7-10
Web Cache, 7-7


applications monitoring, 4-4
EJB configuration, 6-29
monitoring, 4-2
monitoring performance statistics, 2-2
monitoring, 4-2
server load balancing, 6-38
metric table type, A-9
metric table type, A-12
metric table type, A-13
metric table type, A-11
metric table type, A-11
metric table type, A-10
metric table type, A-9
optimistic locking-mode value, 6-32
unbuffering a JSP page, 6-25
Oracle Business Components for Java. See BC4J
Oracle Enterprise Manager
module metrics, 3-6
monitoring OHS performance, 3-2
monitoring Oracle9iAS with, 2-2
monitoring, 4-2
response and load metrics, 3-5
status metrics, 3-3
Oracle HTTP Server
configuring with directives, 5-10
monitoring, 3-11
Oracle9iAS Web Cache. See Web Cache
owa_cache package, 8-24


page buffers with JSPs, 6-25
hash, 5-6
KeepAlive, 3-13
MaxClients, 1-4, 8-6
MaxRequestsPerChild, 8-6
MaxSpareServers, 8-6
MinSpareServers, 8-6
PlsqlIdleSessionCleanupInterval, 8-6
PlsqlMaxRequestsPerSession, 8-6
setting TCP, 5-6
TCP, 5-2
tcp_close_wait_interval, 5-2, 5-6
tcp_conn_hash_size, 5-2, 5-6, 5-7
tcp_conn_req_max_q, 5-2, 5-8
tcp_conn_req_max_q0, 5-2, 5-8
tcp_recv_hiwat, 5-2
tcp_slow_start_initial, 5-2
tcp_time_wait_interval, 5-2
tcp_xmit_hiwat, 5-2
goals, 1-8
Web Cache and CPUs, 7-2
performance monitoring
native operating system, 2-3
network monitoring tools, 2-3
performance tuning
expires caching, 8-20, 8-21
mod_expires, 8-25
system-level caching, 8-23
validation caching, 8-18
persistent connections
KeepAlive directives, 5-13
pessimistic locking-mode value, 6-32
PL/SQL web toolkit functions, 8-24
pool-cache-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-31
metrics, A-15
performance information, xvii
processes used
Web Cache, 7-2


read-only locking-mode value, 6-32
recompile main_mode parameter, 6-22
reload main_mode parameter
reload main_mode parameter, 6-22
response time, 1-5
defined, 1-2
goal, 1-8
improving, 1-3
peak load, 1-9


defined, 1-2
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
session caching, 5-15
server.xml parameters
max-http-connections, 6-36
service time, 1-3, 1-5
defined, 1-2
loading on startup, 6-17
monitoring, 4-4
unused sessions, 6-19
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and, 5-15
use with JSPs, 6-23
socket-backlog max-http-connections attribute, 6-36
SSLSessionCacheTimeout directive, 5-15
StartServers httpd.conf directive, 5-11
static include
vs. dynamic include, 6-26
static text
external resource file, 6-27
cache size for Web Cache, 7-6
memory for Web Cache, 7-6
system-level caching, 8-23


parameters, 5-2
setting parameters, 5-6
think time
defined, 1-2
ThreadsPerChild, 5-13
ThreadsPerChild directive, 5-13
defined, 1-2
demand limiter and, 1-7
increasing, 1-5
Timeout httpd.conf directive, 5-11
timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-35
transaction-config server.xml parameter, 6-28
expires caching technique, 8-21
system-level caching, 8-23
validation caching, 8-18


unit consumption, 1-7
unused sessions
servlets, 6-19
update-changed-fields-only orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6-31
user-level caching, 8-23


validation caching
for mod_plsql, 8-18
technique, 8-16
value max-http-connections attribute, 6-36


wait time
contention and, 1-5
defined, 1-3
parallel processing and, 1-4
wait-timeout data sources option, 6-14
Web Cache
calculating memory and cache size, 7-3
configuring memory and cache size, 7-3
Edge Side Includes (ESI), 7-4
garbage collection, 7-6
guidelines for performance, 7-1
improving performance, 7-1
network bandwidth, 7-7
network connections, 7-7
network connections on UNIX, 7-8
performance and CPUs, 7-2
processes used, 7-2
statistics for memory and cache size, 7-6
web toolkit, 8-24
load-on-startup parameter, 6-17

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