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Table of Contents Image Oracle9iAS Personalization Programmer's Guide
Release 2 (v9.0.2)

Part Number A95245-02
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1 Oracle9iAS Personalization Programming

OP API Structure
Executing OP Programs
Javadoc for the OP APIs

Part I Recommendation Engine API

2 REAPI Overview

REAPI Prerequisites
REAPI Definitions and Concepts
REAPI End Users (Customers and Visitors)
Web Applications and Sessions
REAPI Sessionful Web Applications
REAPI Sessionless Web Applications
REAPI Data Collection
REAPI Recommendations
REAPI Hot Picks
Before Using REAPI
REAPI Demo Program
Creating REProxyRT Objects
Starting an REAPI Session
Creating Instances of REAPI Supporting Classes
Collecting Data for REAPI Recommendations
OP Data Caching
Getting REAPI Recommendations
How REAPI Creates Recommendations
Scoring for Visitors:
Scoring for Customers:
Making REAPI Recommendations
Closing an REAPI Session
Removing REProxyRT Objects

3 REAPI Supporting Classes

Ratings in OP
Location of REAPI Classes
REAPI CategoryMembership Interface
REAPI DataSource Interface
REAPI Filtering Interface
REAPI InterestDimension Interface
REAPI PersonalizationIndex Interface
REAPI ProfileDataBalance Interface
REAPI ProfileUsage Interface
REAPI RecommendationAttribute Interface
REAPI Sorting Interface
REAPI User Interface
Other Supporting REAPI Classes
ContentItem Class
DataItem Class
FilteringSettings Class
IdentificationData Class
Item Class
ItemDetailData Class
Recommendation Class
RecommendationContent Class
RecommendationList Class
TuningSettings Class

4 Using REAPI

Recommendation Proxy Classes
Location of RE Proxy Classes
RE Proxy Creation and Management
RE Data Collection
REProxyManager Class
Proxy Methods
RE Proxy Session Management
RE Proxy Data Collection and Management
Re Proxy Customer Registration
RE Proxy Recommendations
Ratings in OP
Meaning of Returned Value for Recommendations
Rules and Recommendations
RE Proxy Method Usage Notes
Session Creation
Data Collection
Add Items
Remove Items
Proxy Creation
Cache Size
Cross Sell Methods
Proxy Destruction

5 REAPI Examples and Usage

REAPI Basic Usage
Create an REProxy Object
Use the Proxy
Destroy the Proxy
Sessionful Web Application Outline
Sessionless Web Application Outline
REProxyManager Interaction with JVM
Standalone Java Applications
Java Server-Side Modules
Using Multiple Instances of REProxy
Initialization Fail Safe
Uninterrupted REAPI Service
Load Balancing
Extracting Individual Recommendations
Handling Multiple Currencies
Recommendation Engine Usage
Using Demographic Data
Handling Time-Based Items

Part II Recommendation Engine Batch API

6 RE Batch API Overview

RE Batch API Prerequisites
RE Batch API Definitions and Concepts
RE Batch API End Users (Customers)
RE Batch API Recommendations
Using RE Batch API
Setting Up the RE Batch API Environment
Customer Profile Data
Deploy a Package to an RE
Sample RE Batch API Usage
Creating an REBatchProxy Object
Creating Instances of RE Batch API Objects
Converting Data for RE Batch API
Managing Customer Profiles for RE Batch API
Getting RE API Batch Recommendations
Ratings in OP
Creating Recommendations
Making RE Batch Recommendations
Removing the REBatchProxy Object

7 RE Batch API Supporting Classes

Ratings in OP
Location of RE Batch API Classes
EnumType Interfaces for RE Batch API
CategoryMembership Interface
DataSource Interface
InterestDimension Interface
PersonalizationIndex Interface
ProfileDataBalance Interface
ProfileUsage Interface
Sorting Interface
Other RE Batch API Supporting Classes
DataItem Class
FilteringSettings Class
Item Class
Location Class
TuningSettings Class

8 Using the Recommendation Engine Batch Proxy

REProxy Batch Overview
Location of REProxyBatch Classes
REProxyBatch Creation and Management
Customer Profile Management
REProxyBatch Recommendations
Ratings in OP
Meaning of Returned Value for Recommendations
Cross Sell Method Usage Notes
Recommendation Method Usage Notes
REProxyBatch Rules and Recommendations

9 REProxyBatch API Examples and Usage

REProxyBatch API Basic Usage
Code Sample: Recommend Top
Code Sample: Recommend Cross Sell
Recommendation Engine Usage
Handling Multiple Currencies
Using Demographic Data
Handling Time-Based Items

A REAPI Sample Program

B REProxyBatch Sample Program

RE Batch Sample Program Overview
RE Batch Sample Program Output
Executing the RE Batch Sample Program
RE Batch Sample Program Code


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