The list of all my publications is through the CS Bibliographic database. Also you may get a list of all my co-authors.
My Top-10 Journal Papers (perhaps!!!)
  • P. Ferragina, R. Grossi. The String B-tree: a new data structure for string search in external memory and its applications, Journal of the ACM, 46(2): 236-280, 1999. (download it!)
  • M. Farach-Colton, P. Ferragina, S. Muthukrishnan. On the sorting complexity of suffix tree construction. Journal of the ACM, 47(6): 987-1011, 2000. (download it!)
  • P. Ferragina, G. Manzini. Indexing compressed texts. Journal of the ACM, 52(4): 552-581, 2005. (download it!)
  • P. Ferragina, R. Giancarlo, G. Manzini, M. Sciortino. Compression boosting in optimal linear time. Journal of the ACM, 52(4): 688-713, 2005. (download it!)
  • P. Ferragina, F. Luccio, G. Manzini, S. Muthukrishnan. Compressing and indexing labeled trees, with applications. Journal of the ACM, 57(1), 2009. (download it)
  • P. Ferragina, R. Grossi. Optimal search and sublinear time update in string matching. SIAM Journal on Computing, 27(3): 713-736, 1998. (download it!)
  • P. Ferragina, I. Nitto, R. Venturini. On the Bit-Complexity of Lempel-Ziv Compression. SIAM Journal on Computing, 42(4): 1521-1541, 2013. (download it!)
  • A. Farruggia, P. Ferragina, A. Frangioni, R. Venturini. Bicriteria Data Compression. SIAM Journal on Computing, 48(5): 1603-1642 (2019)(download it!)
  • J. Alakuijala, A. Farruggia, P. Ferragina, E. Kliuchnikov, R. Obryk, Z. Szabadka, L. Vandevenne. Brotli: A General-Purpose Data Compressor. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 37(1) - Art. 4, 2019. (download it!)
  • P. Ferragina, R. Giancarlo, G. Manzini. The myriad virtues of Wavelet Trees. Information and Computation, 207(8): 849-866, 2009. (download it!)