WDA 2018


1st Informal Workshop on

DataMod Approaches to Systems Analysis

(WDA 2018)

Pisa, 1-2 March 2018

Dipartimento di Informatica, Largo B. Pontecorvo, 3, Pisa (Google Map)


DataMod is a symposium on methodologies for the analysis of systems that make a synergistic use of data-driven techniques and computational modeling methodologies. DataMod approaches usually make use of representations of the system structure and behavior at different abstraction levels: from the direct analysis of raw data, to the observation of execution traces and the reasoning on the system logic.

In order to promote the development of a research community on DataMod approaches, we organize this year for the first time, a preliminary informal workshop to be held in Pisa on 1-2 March 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from the computational modeling and data science communities in order to let them discuss on potential collaborations in a friendly and informal context.


Participation to the workshop is free. We just ask you to:

  • Fill the registration form available here not later than FEBRUARY 5th, 2018:
  • Offer (not mandatory, but encouraged) to make one or more short presentations on
    • a recent/ongoing (or future) research,
    • a recent/ongoing project,
    • an interesting dataset,
    • and/or an open problem or case study
  • Send usĀ (not mandatory, but encouraged) up to three of your recent publications you think are relevant to the DataMod community
    • We will inform on how to send them to us after the closure of the registration phase
  • Come to Pisa

Soon after the registration deadline, the list of registered participants and their recent publications will be shared.

For more info, you can contact the organizers via email.

  • Paolo Milazzo (milazzo AT di.unipi.it)
  • Anna Monreale (annam AT di.unipi.it)
  • Riccardo Guidotti (riccardo.guidotti AT di.unipi.it)
  • Lucia Nasti (lucia.nasti AT di.unipi.it)