About Us

Haruspex s.r.l. is an innovative startup that derives from more than 5 years of research in cooperation with University of Pisa.

The Haruspex highly innovative technology has received two IBM worldwide awards in 2012 and 2014 and one NATO award in 2016. Further, it has been tested even in several cyberwar exercises.

Our group is composed by highly qualified and skilled people. The core of the group involves researchers having a master or a doctoral degree in a wide range of computer science disciplines: Security, Operational Research, Algorithms, Big Data, and Networking.

Our goal is to define a formal approach to assess and manage the cyber risk in complex ICT systems. We apply model-based assessments to simulate attackers’ behavior in order to minimize the risk in a cost-effective way.

A Haruspex assessments can discover security problems of your system even before the deployment, this is possible because of Haruspex modelization approach based on ICT infrastructures, attackers, and vulnerabilities models.

Dr. Alessandro Bertolini

Chief Software Development

He has a master's degree (109/110) in Computer Science. Before, he worked in 2008 for six months in I.T. department of Lucchini (Piombino, Li, Italy), then he collaborated with M.A.I.O.R. Srl to realize "TTDAlgo", a new tool based on algorithms of Operational Research to create an optimized time-tables for the urban public transport. He was born on May 13rd, 1981, he live and he also studied until high school in Piombino. Then, he studied Computer Science at University of Pisa.

Ph.D. Federico Tonelli

Coordinator Haruspex Project

He got a doctoral degree in Computer Science in the April of 2017 by winning the call to became a Ph.D student (obtaining the first place with 99/100). Before, he obtained a master's degree (110 cum laude) in Information Security. He was a scholarship holder and his research was about the vulnerability analysis in SCADA systems, funded by Enel Engeneering and Services. He was born on June 3rd, 1985, he live and he also studied until high school in Leghorn. Then, he studied Information Tecnology at University of Pisa and in the end he studied Security Information at La Spezia, a displacement of University of Pisa.

Founder of Haruspex S.R.L.

He currently is one of the Managers of the Haruspex project as well as the executive officer of the Company. He was a member of Advisory Board and he is currently president of the Scientific Committee at Promostudi La Spezia. In particular he was involved in ICT projects, marine technologies, and inter-university relations. Before, he worked 31 years in IBM, where most of them he worked as Manager both in Sales and in Marketing as well as in Development. He got a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pisa and its thesis concerned a Fuel Cell application in railway locomotive.

Dr. Marcello Montecucco

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Fabrizio Baiardi

Scientific Consultant

Fabrizio Baiardi graduated in Computer Science at Università di Pisa where is a Full Professor at the department of Computer Science where he has chaired the degree on security of ICT infrastructures. His main research interests in the computer security field are formal approaches to risk assessment and management of complex ICT infrastructures. Fabrizio Baiardi has been involved in the risk assessment and management of several systems and of industrial control systems with SCADA components. He has authored several papers on ICT security and currently teaches several university courses on security related topics.

Adm. Dino Nascetti

Naval Advisor

Vice Adm (R) Dino Nascetti joined the Italian Navy in 1965; attending the Italian Naval Academy and graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Genova University. He served as AAW Officer and as ASW Officer on board of Italian Navy ships. He was then assigned to the Test & Evaluation Centre in La Spezia as responsible of a New Heavyweight Torpedo Programme. During his military career he served as Director of Navy research Institutes and of Shipyards, General Director for Naval Armaments, Head of the ASW and Submarine Programmes Office. Italian representative to the Board of Directors of NAMSA, SCNR and SACLANTCENTRE. Chairman of NATO Naval Armament Group, Horizon, PAAMS and FREMM programmes. After his retirement in Dec. 2009, he covered the position of president of the La Spezia University Pole until Oct. 2016.

Dr. Lorenzo Isoni

Junior Security Analyst

He has a master’s degree (104/110) in Computer Science. He wrote the thesis on “Risk Assessment di ambienti applicativi: Servizi Web” that won a scholarship funded by Terranova Software, a company that manages gas distribution on large scale in Italy. He was born in Alghero on March 13th, 1988. He also studied Information Tecnology at University of Pisa and his dissertation concerned the security and the privacy in migratory interactive web applications. Currently, he is involved in the assessment and management in the "Haruspex Project".

Dr. Jacopo Lipilini

Junior SIEM Analyst

He was born in Sarzana (SP) on December 3rd, 1989. He studied Computer Science at the University of Pisa and he graduated in 2012 with a dissertation on application firewalls. In 2015, he got his master's degree (110 cum laude) in Computer Science and Networking, a Master Programme born from a joint initiative of University of Pisa (Depts. of Computer Science and Information Engineering) and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. His final dissertation concerned the correlation, attribution and prediction of attacks against ICT systems through the deployment of a Security Information and Event Management tool. Now, he is working on further intrusion detection and prevention techniques in the "Haruspex Project".