Patent application


Methods and systems for data analysis using the Burrows-Wheeler Transform.


Markus J. Bauer, Anthony James Cox, Giovanna Rosone, Dirk Evers


Illumina Cambridge Limited - Nr Saffron Walden, GB

Pub. No.:
    US20120330567 A1: granted on August 5, 2014
    WO2012175245 A2: submitted
International Application No.:
    US application serial no.: 13/459,968
    PCT (EP) application serial no.: PCT/2012/057943
Patent No.:
    US 8,798,936 B2: granted on August 5, 2014


The present disclosure provides computer implemented methods and systems for analyzing datasets, such as large data sets output from nucleic acid sequencing technologies. In particular, the present disclosure provides for data analysis comprising computing the BWT of a collection of strings in an incremental, character by character, manner. The present disclosure also provides compression boosting strategies resulting in a BWT of a reordered collection of data that is more compressible by second stage compression methods compared to non-reordered computational analysis.

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