Fifth Workshop on
    Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments, LSDVE 2017
      in conjunction of Euro-Par 2017

          Santiago De Compostela,  August 28-29 2017               

Submission deadline: 5 May
Authors whose papers have been accepted and presented at the conference will be invited to submit their extended and revised papers to a special issue (details will be published on this page)
The recent advances in networking have determined an increasing use of information technology to support distributed networked cooperative applications. Several novel applications have emerged in this area: social networks, distributed payment systems, connected devices collaboration systems, and many other ones. These applications may greatly benefit from the support of different kinds of platforms, both cloud and peer to peer. An interesting technology recently adopted to handle cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) is the block-chain technology, that has now taken the more general role to handle several distributed applications. Furthermore, the analysis  and validation of the huge amount of content generated by these applications asks for big data analysis and processing techniques.
This workshop aims to provide a venue for researchers to present and discuss important aspects of large scale networked collaborative applications and of the platforms supporting them. The definition of these applications requires to afford several challenges, like the design of user interfaces, coordination protocols, and proper middle-ware and architectures. The track's aim is to investigate open challenges for such applications, related to both the applications design and to the definition of proper supports. Some important challenges are, for instance, adaptation of the classical block-chain technology to support collaborative applications, protocols design, distributed consensus algorithms, privacy and security issues.
The workshop will both present assessment of current state and introduce further directions.

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