The Third Workshop on
 Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments, LSDVE 2015 
held  in conjunction of Euro-Par 2015

Wien, Austria, 24 August 2015

Technical Program is now online !

Submission link: LSDVE 2015 - Easychair

The recent advances in networking have determined an increasing use
of information technology to support distributed cooperative applications.
Several novel applications have emerged in this area, such as Large
Scale Distributed Virtual Environments (LSDVEs). These include
distributed social networks, distributed social games, collaborative
recommender systems, collaborative learning systems, large scale crowd
based applications, supported collaborative work (CSCW).

The realization of these applications requires to afford several challenges,
 like the definition of user interfaces, coordination protocols, and
proper middle-ware and architectures supporting distributed cooperation.
Collaborative applications may greatly benefit from the support of
different kinds of platforms, both cloud and peer to peer and also
platforms recently proposed for Internet of things (IoT), like fog computing.
Integration of different platforms, for instance mobile and cloud
environments is currently a challenge.

This workshop aims to provide a venue for researchers to present and
discuss important aspects of large scale collaborative applications and
of the platforms supporting them. The track's aim is to investigate open
challenges for such applications, related to both the applications design
and to the definition of proper architectures. Some important challenges
are, for instance, collaborative protocols design, latency reduction/hiding
techniques for guaranteeing real time constraints, large-scale processing
of user information, privacy and security issues, state

The workshop will both present assessment of current state and
introduce further directions.