Laura Ricci
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa
Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3, I-56127, Pisa, Italy
email: ricci(AT)
skype: lauraemiliaricci 
phone: +39 050 22127.68, 
fax: +39 050 22127.26

question time: 
thursday, 15.00-18.00 PM

Conferences and Special Issues:

Recently Accepted papers

  • The Graph Structure of Bitcoin,  Damiano Di Francesco Maesa,  Andrea Marino, Laura Ricci, Complex Networks 2018, 7th Int. Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications, 11-13 Decembre 2018, Cambridge, UK.
  • ComeHere: exploiting Ethereum for secure sharing of health-care data, M. Franceschi, D. Morelli, D.Plans, A. Brown, J. Collomosse, L. Coutts, L. Ricci, LSDVE 2018, 6th Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environment workshop, Torino, August 2018
  • Managing Social Contents in Decentralized Online Social Networks: a survey, B. Guidi, M. Conti, A. Passarella, L. Ricci, accepted for pubblication, Online Social Networks and Media, Elsevier.
  • Blockchain Based Access Control Services, Damiano Di Francesco Maesa, Paolo Mori, Laura Ricci, IEEE Symposium on Recent Advances on Blockchain and its Applications, Halifax, Canada, August 2018
  •  BITKER: a P2P kernel client for Bitcoin, Damiano Di Francesco Maesa, Matteo Franceschi, Barbara Guidi and Laura Ricci, 7th International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Architectures, Networks and Systems (PANS 2018), in conjunction with HPCS 2018, July 16 - July 20, 2018, Orleans, France
  • Service Provisioning in Mobile Environments through Opportunistic Computing, M. Conti, D. Mascitti, A. Passarella, L. Ricci,  IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, accepted for pubblication
  •  A survey on privacy in decentralized online social networks, A. De Salve, P. Mori, L. Ricci,  Computer Science Review, 27, Elsevier.
  • A Logical Key Hierarchy based approach to preserve content privacy in Decentralized Online Social Networks , A. De Salve, R. Di Pietro, P. Mori, L, Ricci accepted for pubblication in  IEEE Transaction on Dependable and Secure Computing,
  •  Area of Interest Management in Massively Multiplayer Online Games, E. Carlini, L. Ricci,  Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, Springer
  •  Aggregation Techniques for the Internet of things: a Survey B. Guidi, L. Ricci,  book “Internet of Things for Smart Urban Ecosystems
  • Detecting Artificial Behaviours in the Bitcoin Users Graph,  D. Di Francesco Maesa, A. Marino, L. Ricci,  accepted for pubblication in Online Social Networks and Media, Elsevier, October 2017
  •  Data driven analysis of Bitcoin properties: exploiting the users graph, D. Di Francesco Maesa, A. Marino, L. Ricci, accepted for pubblication in International Journal of Data Science and Analytics.
  • NG-Dbscan: Scalable Density-Based Clustering for Arbitrary Data, with M.Dell'Amico, A.Lulli, P.Michiardi,  VLDB 2017PVLDB, Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, Volume  10, Munich, August 2017.
  • Connected Components in Large Graphs by Vertex Pruning with Emanuele Carlini, Patrizio Dazzi, Alessandro Lulli, Claudio Lucchese, Transaction on Parallel and Distributed Systems (Rating ANVUR A)
  • Model driven generation of mobility traces for Distributed Virtual Environments with TRACE, E.Carlini, A. Lulli, L.Ricci, accepted for pubblication in Concurrency and Computations: Practice and Experience.
  • Evaluation of structural and temporal properties of ego networks for data availability in DOSNs, A.De Salve, B. Guidi, L. Ricci, Mobile Social Networks and Applications, 2017
  • 2018-19 Peer to Peer Systems and Blockchain 6 CFU Second Semester, Degree in Computer Science, Computer Science and Networking
PhD Students
Current Students 
Former Students
  • Emanuele Carlini - researcher, tenure track, HPC-Lab, ISTI, CNR, Pisa.
  • Andrea De Salve, post doc at IIT, CNR, Pisa
  • Luca Genovali - enterprise manager 
  • Barbara Guidi - post doc at the Department of Computer Science, Pisa, 
  • Alessandro Lulli - post doc at SmartLab, DIBRIS Department, University of Genova
  • Davide Mascitti - Biobeats, start-up University of Pisa.
Available Thesis
Some proposals for Master/Bachelor Thesis:
  • Blockchain technology: Bitcoin transactions analysis, application of blockchain in non conventional areas
  • Social Networks: privacy and availability in Distributed Online Social Networks, Social Data Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis: Distributed Algorithms for Big Data on Apache SPARK
For further information, send an e-mail to a ricci(AT), or contact me during question time (on thursday 15.00-18.00 PM).