"The pursuit of science seems to me to require particular courage.
It is concerned with knowledge, achieved through doubt. Making knowledge about everything available for everybody, science strives to make sceptics of them all."

Bertolt Brecht, Life of Galileo.

"Non credo che la pratica della scienza possa andar disgiunta dal coraggio.
Essa tratta il sapere, che è un prodotto del dubbio; e col procacciare sapere a tutti su ogni cosa, tende a destare il dubbio in tutti."

Bertolt Brecht, Vita di Galileo.





Alessio Micheli
Universita` di Pisa - Dipartimento di Informatica
Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa, ITALY
Phone: +39-050-2212798 - Fax: +39-050-2212726
Room 358 / DN





Research Interests

  • Machine Learning, Artificial and Computational Intelligence, Soft Computing
  • Learning in Structured Domains, Relational Learning, Relational Data Mining
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Neural Networks, Recurrent and Recursive Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning, Deep Recurrent Networks, Deep Reservoir Computing, DeepESN
  • Processing of Sequences and Structured Information (trees and graphs) in Machine Learning:
    Recursive Models, Reservoir Computing, Hidden Markov Models, Kernel-based Methods for Non-vectorial Data
  • Applications to Cheminformatics, QSPR/QSAR Analysis, and Toxicity predictions
  • Applications to Bioinformatics and Health/biomedical Informatics
  • Learning in Robotics and Wireless/Intelligent Sensor Networks
  • Human Activity Recognition for Ambient Assisted Living

  • Pioneering since the 90’s the development of new models for learning structured and graph data
    (see also Methodologies and Models in CIML for Recursive and Contextual Neural Networks topic)

  • Leading since 2008 the CIML group for basic and applied research on Machine Learning for complex data.


Program Committees

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