Since I was a child, I have attracted by thenight sky observation. Moon, planets, stars, comets andnebulas are amazing objects. Sometimes (especially on summer) I like to spend some time observing the sky using my small telescope,a Celestron Astromaster 130 eq. shown in the photo below:

It is a newtonian telescope (reflecting) with a diameter of 130 mm, focal length of 650 mm and a focal ratio of f/5. The telescope offers good images both for the planetary observation and for the “deep space”. The equatorial mount CG-3 is a bit complicated to use but provides good results with a little practice and patience. The following photo shows my eyepieces:

In addition to a Barlow len (Celestron Ultima x2 series) and some filters, the most precious eyepiece is the Meade UWA (Ultra Wide Angle) series 4000 of 4.7 mm, featuring a82 degree Apparent Field of View.Currently, I am looking for a new smaller andmore manageabletelescope, without losing too much inmagnifying power. Updates will come in the future!

Gabriele Mencagli