SVV - Timetable

N Data Time Room Kind Topic
1t Mon 14/09 11.00-12.45 meet theory Introduction to model checking and to control-intensive transition systems [up to slide 79]
2t Tue 15/09 14.15-16.00 meet theory Data-intensive transition systems [from slide 80] and the modelling of parallel/communicating systems
3t Thu 17/09 16.15-18.00 meet theory Transition systems for modelling channel systems
1e Tue 22/09 14.15-16.00 meet exe First exercise sheet
4t Thu 24/09 16.15-18.00 meet theory On linear time properties
5t Mon 28/09 11.00-12.45 meet theory On safety
6t Tue 29/09 14.15-16.00 meet theory On liveness and fairness