SVV - Timetable

N Data Time Room Kind Topic
1t Mon 17/09 14-16 X1 theory Introduction to model checking and to control-intensive transition systems [up to slide 79]
2t Tue 18/09 11-13 X1 theory Data-intensive transition systems [from slide 80] and the modelling parallel systems [up to slide 72]
3t Thu 20/09 16-18 N1 theory Transition systems for modelling communicating [from slide 77] and channel systems
4t Fri 21/09 11-13 N1 theory On linear time properties
1e Mon 24/09 14-16 X1 exe First exercise sheet
5t Thu 27/09 16-18 X1 theory On safety
6t Tue 02/10 11-13 X1 theory On liveness and fairness [up to slide 100]
7t Wed 03/10 11-13 X2 theory Fairness assumptions [from slide 101] and regular safety properties [up to slide 48]
8t Thu 04/10 16-18 X1 theory Verifying regular safety [from slide 49]
2e Fri 05/10 11-13 N1 exe Second exercise sheet
9t Mon 08/10 14-16 X1 theory ω-regular properties
3e Thu 11/10 16-18 X1 exe Checking exercises
10t Mon 15/10 14-16 X1 theory Model checking with Büchi automata [up to slide 133]
11t Tue 16/10 11-13 X1 theory Syntax and semantics of linear temporal logic [up to slide 216]
4e Fri 19/10 11-13 X1 exe Third exercise sheet
12t Mon 22/10 14-16 X1 theory LTL formulas: normal forms and fairness and some exercise checking
13t Thu 25/10 16-18 X1 theory Model checking with Büchi automata [skipping from slide 209 up to slide 310]
5e Fri 26/10 14-16 X3 exe Fourth exercise sheet + checking exercises
-- Fri 02/12 16-18 L1 exe Mid-term
6e Fri 09/11 14-16 X3 exe Correction of mid-term
14t Tue 13/11 11-13 X1 theory A survey on formal methods for validation and verification (by Roberto Bagnara)
15t Wed 14/11 11-13 X2 theory A gentle introduction to abstract interpretation (by Roberto Bagnara)
16t Thu 15/11 16-18 X1 theory Syntax and semantics of computational tree logic
17t Fri 16/11 14-16 X3 theory CTL vs LTL and some model checking [up to slide 98]
18t Mon 19/11 14-16 X1 theory On the MISRA C coding standard (by Roberto Bagnara)
7e Fri 23/11 14-16 X3 exe Fifth exercise sheet
19t Mon 26/11 14-16 X1 theory Probabilistic model checking (by Mieke Massink)
20t Tue 27/11 11-13 X1 theory Model checking PCTL (by Mieke Massink)
21t Wed 28/11 11-13 X2 theory Mean field model checking population models (by Mieke Massink)
22t Thu 29/11 16-18 X1 theory Fair CTL [up to slide 64] and on CTL*
23t Mon 03/12 14-16 X1 theory Equivalences for transitions systems
24t Fri 07/12 14-16 X3 theory On quantified modal logics
8e Mon 10/12 14-16 X1 exe Recollecting thoughts (and sixth exercise sheet)
25t Tue 11/12 11-13 X1 theory Topo-logics (by Vincenzo Ciancia)
26t Wed 12/12 11-13 X2 theory A tour on VoxLogica, and some experiments (by Vincenzo Ciancia)
27t Thu 13/12 16-18 X1 theory (by Vincenzo Ciancia)
9e Fri 14/12 14-16 X3 exe Scheduling the seminars and so on