GianLuigi Ferrari

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department

University of Pisa

Addr: Corso Italia, 40 -- 56125 Pisa -- Italy


Phone: +39.50.887.266 -- Fax: +39.50.887.226

My research interests generally fall in the area of semantic theories for concurrent programming and specification languages. I am also interested in the development of verification tools.

Member of the group on Concurrent Models of Computation (subgroup on Semantics of Process Description Languages ).

Participating in the ESPRIT BRA Project CONFER COncurrency and Functions: Evaluation and Reduction.

National Projects: Proposta Progetto Coordinato CNR MAC Modelli Astratti di Computazione (in italian).

Interesting WEB Pages www-sites.

Teaching -- Didattica (In italian): Didattica

You can find here some of my papers

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