Year: 2018

Discovering Homophily in Online Social Networks

During the last ten years, Online Social Networks (OSNs) have increased their popularity by becoming part of the real life of users. Despite their tremendous widespread, OSNs have introduced several privacy issues as a consequence of the nature of the

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A Survey on Privacy in Decentralized Online Social Networks

Decentralized Online Social Networks (DOSNs) have recently captured the interest of users because of the more control given to them over their shared contents. Indeed, most of the user privacy issues related to the centralized Online Social Network (OSN) services

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Predicting the availability of users’ devices in Decentralized Online Social Networks

The understanding of the user temporal behavior is a crucial aspect for all those systems that rely on user resources for daily operations, such as decentralized online social networks (DOSNs). Indeed, DOSNs exploit the devices of their users to take

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