DECLware in a nutshell


    Data intensive, stream processing parallel and distributed applications, with non trivial aspects related to parellelism exploitation, modularity and security

    Declarative approach

    To capture, model and manage different aspects in coordinated way, to guarantee separation of concerns, to exploit the existing synergies and manage in a uniform and coherent framework several distinct extra functional aspects of data intensive computations.

    Project phases

    a) Identify orchestration, parallelization and security related features of interest.
    b) Common feature base and DSL design
    c) Proof-of-concept prototyping validation


    DECLware has been funded under the framework "PRA: Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo" , an initiative by University of Pisa. It has been funded in the 2018 PRA call, with grant agreement PRA_2018_66 , and it received a funding of around 56K euros. The project started on July 2018 and it will run up to July 2020.

    All research results obtained and published within the scope of the DECLware project are listed in the publications page