[2017] Accepted Papers


Papers accepted to DataMod 2017:

  • Michael Backenköhler and Verena Wolf.
    Student performance prediction and optimal course selection: An MDP approach
  • Sélinde van Engelenburg, Marijn Janssen and Bram Klievink.
    What belongs to context? A definition, a criterion and a method for deciding on what context-aware systems should sense and adapt to
  • Lucia Nasti and Paolo Milazzo.
    A computational model of Internet addiction phenomena in social networks
  • Peter Carmichael and Charles Morisset.
    Learning Decision Trees from Synthetic Data Models for Human Security Behaviour
  • Ilya Zakirzyanov, Anatoly Shalyto and Vladimir Ulyantsev.
    Finding all minimum-size DFA consistent with given examples: SAT-based approach
  • Michele D’Andreagiovanni, Fabrizio Baiardi, Jacopo Lipilini, Salvatore Ruggieri and Federico Tonelli.
    Sequential Pattern Mining for ICT Risk Assessment and Prevention
  • Oana Andrei and Muffy Calder.
    Temporal Analytics for Software Usage Models
  • Paul Griffioen, Rob Christiaanse and Joris Hulstijn.
    Controlling Production Variances in Complex Business Processes
  • Giovanna Broccia, Paolo Milazzo and Peter Csaba Ölveczky.
    An Algorithm for Simulating Human Selective Attention