First International Workshop on

Component-based Software Development 
in Computational Logic (COCL)

Saturday, September 19, 1998 - Pisa (Italy)

Workshop programme

09:00 Invited talk
Developing a Higher Order Programming Style for Prolog  
Lee Naish
SESSION 1 Composing and synthesizing software
10:00 On Specification and Correctness of OO Frameworks in Computational Logic 
K.K Lau, M. Ornaghi
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Composing complete and partial knowledge 
S. Verbaeten, A. Bossi
SESSION 2 Interactive systems and distribution
11:30 Towards a Game-based Architecture for developing Complex Interactive Components in Computational Logic 
K. Stathis
12:00 Distribution in a Demand Driven Style 
J. Holyer, N. Davies, E. Spiliopoulou
12:30 Lunch
SESSION 3 Abstract data types
14:30 Invited talk
Functional Logic Programming with Multiset Constraints 
Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo
15:30 Logic Abstract Modules: A new TLA-based model to Specifying and Verifying Concurrent Programs 
Y. Slimani, E.H. Daho
16:00 Coffee
SESSION 4 Reusability
16:30 Using a Modular Distributed Temporal Logic for In-the-large Object Specification 
J. Kuester Filipe
17:00 A functional-logic alternative to monads 
R. Caballero Roldan and F. J. Lopez Fraguas
17:30 Composing reusable synthesis methods through graph-based viewpoints 
J. Eusterbrock

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