Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Communication

Bologna, July 11-12, 1997

satellite workshop to ICALP'97

sponsored by CEC under the TMR Euroconferences program


July 11th

14.30: Opening Remarks

14.35: M. Yung - invited presentation Recent Issues in Network and Distributed Systems Security: from Theory to Practice and back!

15.20-15.30: Break

15.30-16.45: Session I : Optimization

15.30: Christos Nomikos and Stathis Zachos Coloring a Maximum Number of Paths in a Graph

15.55: Carlo Mannino, Antonio Sassano Upper and lower bounds for the frequency assignment problem

16.20: Christos Nomikos, Aris Pagourtzis, Stathis Zachos Efficient Coloring with Applications in Multiwavelength Routing

16.45-17.15: Coffee Break

17.15-1805: Session II: Layouts

17.15: Ornan Gerstel, Avishai Wool, Shmuel Zaks Optimal Average-Case Layouts on Chain Networks

17.40: L. Becchetti, C. Gaibisso, G. GambosiOptimal layouts of virtual paths on a mesh

July 12th

9.15: S. Basagni, I. Chlamtac, A. Farago - invited presentation A generalized clustering algorithm for peer-to-peer networks

10.00-10.10: Break

10.10-11.25: Session III: Video on Demand & Reception

10.10: C. Bouras, V. Kapoulas, G. Pantziou, P. Spirakis Competitive Video on Demand Schedulers for Popular Movies

10.35: A. Bar-Noy, J.A. Garay, A. Herzberg Sharing video on demand - constant competitive ratio with long notification delay

11.00: G. Franceschinis A. Fumagalli and A. Silinguelli Optimal Reception Strategies for Switched Delay Lines Based Optical Nodes

11.25-11.55: Break

11.55-12.45 Session IV: Deadlock and Models

11.55: JC Bermond, M. Di Ianni, M. Flammini, S. Perennes Acyclic orientations for deadlock prevention in interconnection networks

12.20: A. Tomasgard, J.A. Audestad, S. Dye, L. Stougie, M.H. van der Vlerk Modelling in distributed telecommunications networks

12.45: Conclusions

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