Science Management

  • Co-Founder of  two series of international meetings in logic and computer science:
    1. CSL (Computer Science Logic) Conference, the annual conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL), started in 1987. Proceedings published regularly in Springer LNCS.

See Egon Boerger: Ten Years of CSL Conferences (1987-1997) in: EATCS Bulletin 63, October 1997, 61-63 (Talk presented to the EACSL 1997 Membership Meeting in Aarhus, August 1997).

    1. ASM, the annual workshop on Abstract State Machines, started in 1994. In 2008 merged with the regular meetings of the B and Z User Groups into the series of ABZ conferences.

For some of the history see E. Boerger, A. Gargantini and E. Riccobene: ASM 2003—A Double Anniversary in Sicily. In: Proc. 10th International Workshop on ASMs, LNCS 2589 (2003) pp.1-3.

(Co-)Editor for Publication of Proceedings in Springer LNCS or of Selected Papers in dedicated journal issues 

      1. J. Universal Computer Science Vol.7.11  2001 Selected Papers from ASM2001 (Gran Canaria, Spain) with U. Glaesser
      2. Springer LNCS 2589 Proc. of  ASM 2003 (Taormina, Sicily) with A. Gargantini and E. Riccobene
      3. Theoretical Computer Science Vol.336.2-3 2005 Selected Papers from ASM2003 (Taormina, Sicily)
      4. Fundamenta Informatica Vol.77/1-2 2007 Selected Papers from ASM2005 (Paris, France) with A. Slissenko
      5. J. Universal Computer Science 14/12 (2008) Selected Papers from ASM2007 (Grimstadt, Norway) with A. Prinz
      6. Abstract State Machines, B and Z LNCS 5238 Proc. ABZ 2008 Conference, including ASM2008 (London, UK) with P. Boca, M. Butler, J. Bowen
      7. Special ABZ 2008 Issue of  FormalAspects of Computing Journal, edited with M. Butler, J. Bowen, M. Poppleton (Volume 23, Number 1, January 2011)
  •  Editor of books and proceedings in computer science and logic
  • Organization of Conferences, Workshops, Schools
  • Member of ...