Egon Börger: Berechenbarkeit, Komplexität, Logik.

Eine Einführung in Algorithmen, Sprachen und Kalküle unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Komplexität.

Verlag Vieweg, Braunschweig 1985 (First Edition), 1986 (Second Edition)
pp. XVIII+469;
1992 (Third Edition) pp. XVIII+499

The third German edition contains an appendix with an introduction into the then new concept of ASMs (Abstract State Machines, at that time called evolving algebras) and of its application to a rigorous abstract definition of the semantics of the logic programming language PROLOG. This definition was later adopted by the ISO standardization committee, published in SCP 24 (1995) 249--286 and refined in a proven to be correct way to a model for the Warren Abstract Machine.