Business Processes, Web Services, Interaction and Workflow Patterns

In the research reported here, the ASM (Abstract State Machines) method has been used for defining and analysing, in a rigorous but concise, complete but programmer friendly way, the behavioral aspects of business process models, webservices, interaction patterns, workflows. The study has been motivated by an analysis of a certain number of industrial applications (which are not reported here).



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1.  ASM Model for Web Application Frameworks

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2.    Service Behavior Mediation (Abstract Virtual Provider Model)

      Draft  Final version in Springer LNCS 3785 (2005) 81-95

3.    Service Discovery (Refining the Virtual Provider Model). 

Draft   Final version in International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management (IJBPIM) 1(4) 2006, 267-278. ISSN (Online): 1741-8771, ISSN (Print): 1741-8763

See also `A high-level specification for Semantic Web Service Discovery Services'          DOI 10.1145/1149993.1150012 (